Why ‘Dexter’ Actor Michael C. Hall Says Character Isn’t a ‘Sociopath’ in ‘New Blood’

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Toni Anne Barson/WireImage)

Dexter star Michael C. Hall has done a marvelous job playing the role of the former Miami serial killer for years now. However, the debate since the show’s beginning on Showtime has been how folks have perceived the figure since the beginning. However, with Dexter: New Blood now halfway through its new season, folks have once again been wondering who really is Dexter Morgan deep down? Well, Michael C. Hall said in a new interview that the character is not a “sociopath” in the new series.

It’s more complicated than that for Michael C. Hall. It stems from Dexter’s family and how he views his actions in conjuction with those who matter most to him. He truly does care about those closest to him, which complicates who he is as a person.

Michael C. Hall told Variety, “He’s someone who’s been contending with the collateral damage of his behavior. If Dexter were a total sociopath, he would’ve disappeared from Miami and just continued killing. But the fact is, he hasn’t. He has some sense of responsibility that he’s taking. He’s telling himself a story about himself that is quite different from the one he was telling when we met him way back when. He does refer to himself as a monster, but an evolving monster.”

There is some sociopath there as Michael C. Hall says, but he was conscious of his decisions and collected himself after leaving home. He is in fact a monster, just look at what he does in the shadows, but his family is still in the back of his mind and that sense of responsibility.

Michael C. Hall Returns as ‘Dexter’

Michael C Hall did not plan to return to this world, but the right story came about which intrigued him to enough to sign on. He told GQ, “For sure. I mean, a part of both the hesitation and the appetite surrounding going back was orbiting the fact that audiences loved the show but were very dissatisfied with the way it ended. I didn’t want to return just because we could, I wanted to return because we discovered a story that felt like it was worth telling. Something like this that is dependent on so many moving parts, you never know exactly how it’s all going to go, but ultimately I had enough faith to take the leap.”

Now, the show is nearing the midway point of the new season and fans are happy Michael C. Hall did.

Michael C Hall concluded, “I didn’t know for sure that it was something that I would do. But it was always something in the back of my mind like Man, I sure do hope that something emerges. I wanted to give the fans, myself and the character a more satisfying and definitive visit.” Fans are glad Michael C Hall did.