‘Dexter: New Blood’: Angela Makes a Grisly Discovery

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Arturo Holmes/WireImage)

Things are not looking good for anyone on “Dexter: New Blood.” Molly was terrifyingly close to becoming an episode on her own podcast after Kurt led her to his weird murder cabin looking for Matt; Harrison broke a kid’s arm at a wrestling match and feels like he’s losing it to his Dark Passenger; and Angela discovered that Jim Lindsay is really Dexter Morgan.

She feels like she can’t trust him now, and wonders what dark secrets he’s hiding. He told her he created a new identity to escape all the death around him: his wife, his sister, his job. Angela sympathizes with him, but still doesn’t quite trust him. Except, at the end of the recent episode, now she needs his help.

Angela theorized that there might be something out by the caves, and she and Teddy go to investigate. They find a fake wall inside the cave, which leads them to a body. That’s bad enough, but it gets worse; turns out the body is Angela’s friend Iris, who’s been missing since they were in high school.

The police assumed Iris had run off when she disappeared, but that never sat right with Angela. Nevertheless, the case was closed, and Iris was never found. Until now.

Angela calls Dexter to tell him what she found. “I don’t need Jim Lindsay,” she tells him. “I need Dexter Morgan.” Sounds like she’s going to call on all of Dexter’s past experience as a forensics expert to figure out what happened to her friend.

‘Dexter: New Blood’: What Could Have Happened to Iris?

There’s some speculation among “Dexter: New Blood” fans that Kurt Caldwell is not a newly minted serial killer. It’s possible that he killed Iris and left her body in the cave. It that’s the case, he’s been doing this for over a decade without anyone in Iron Lake noticing. Either way, from the fake wall in the cave, it’s clear that someone killed her; she definitely didn’t just run away.

With Dexter’s past experience, it’s possible that Angela is going to call him in to help her take down Kurt. Right now there’s no evidence that he’s done anything, even though Dexter knows the truth. Angela needs physical evidence to prove Kurt’s the serial killer. Molly has some suspicions as well, but I’m more afraid that something might happen to her before she figures anything out.

Also, with Kurt luring Harrison over to his side, he may be trying to groom him into becoming a serial killer as well. That’s another thing Dexter has to worry about; his son’s own Dark Passenger. Harrison’s therapist said that he and Dexter both have “abandonment issues and inherited trauma.” Could serial killer tendencies be inherited as well?