‘Dexter: New Blood’: Did a New Episode Air Tonight?

by Joe Rutland

With it being a Sunday night, fans of Dexter: New Blood might be wondering if a new episode is on the air. Well, is there one?

The short answer is no. After all, Dexter Morgan, played by Michael C. Hall, is dead based on the closing minutes from last week’s episode on Showtime.

Last week was the finale, and in a lot of ways, it should be thought of as the series finale 2.0. How do you follow that up? It has felt for a bit that this is where Dexter: New Blood was going. It is over now. Oh, there are questions galore about the ending. Some things kind of just don’t add up.

‘Dexter: New Blood’ Showrunner Talks About Show And Its Revival

But the series got there with Dexter and don’t expect any new plans to revisit him again. Now, is there a possible spin-off for Harrison, played by Jack Alcott?

Well, showrunner Clyde Phillips is somewhat open to it. Yet all of this is going to come down to Showtime.

Phillips did speak recently to The Hollywood Reporter about the show. He does share insights on that decision to kill off Dexter. Phillips says that they always knew they were going to end with Dexter’s death.

Phillips said “we wanted to redeem ourselves” after such a disappointment in the Season 8 finale of Dexter. Dexter: New Blood was a chance to make that right.

Harrison Storyline Carries Forth Idea Phillips Picked Up From Therapy

“That ending in season eight left a bad taste in the audience’s mouth, which tarnished the legacy of a great show,” he says. “With Dexter: New Blood, [Dexter’s death] had to happen. I hope the audience feels shocked.”

Phillips also said he wants the show’s new legacy to be, “The legacy is the audience.” What about this idea of having Harrison, Dexter’s son, end up killing Pop? Where does this idea come from at all?

Therapy. Listen to what Phillips says is a phrase he learned in therapy: “A son has to kill his father so that he can be his own man.”

Hey, we don’t think that is supposed to be a literal interpretation. Fiction-wise, though, he used it to support the storyline.

Phillips says, “Fathers and sons is the theme of the season and the title of the last episode is Sins of the Father. Dexter finally understands that he indeed is a criminal. He’s a killer.”

In order for Harrison to be his own dude and carry on the Code, he has to literally kill his father. Dexter doesn’t want to be sent back to Florida for the Bay Harbor murders.