‘Dexter: New Blood’ Episode 7 TV Ratings Skyrocket

by Courtney Blackann

If fans of “Dexter” were disappointed by the original series finale, “Dexter: New Blood” is the answer. This is demonstrated by the record viewership for the series’ most recent episode. And it’s no surprise. The show is a fantastical follow-up to the Showtime favorite.

In a revival of the series, Dexter Morgan is living in disguise in upstate New York. For the past 10 years, he’s managed to hide his “dark passenger” until his son Harrison shows up. Then the vigilante killer realizes he has a lot at stake.

With its 7th episode in the drama, the “Dexter: New Blood” hit a new record. The show’s viewership was up by 80%, according to Deadline.

Dexter: New Blood is a limited series and any further discussions of Dexter will have to wait until we finish airing the limited series and see where we are with our stories and our characters,” Showtime’s President of Entertainment Gary Levine says. “Dexter: New Blood was really designed to have a proper conclusion to the series, and I believe we will deliver that in the best possible way.”

Some Still Disappointed by Original “Dexter” Ending

And while fans are super stoked about the series revival, there are still those who can’t fathom why the original ended in the abrupt fashion it did. This includes the show’s creator. He spoke about how he would have wanted the series to conclude in an interview.

“Well, my idea was … that, whatever the episode is, plays out, and then, suddenly, Dexter goes, ‘(GASPS!)’ and we think, ‘Oh, s—, he’s waking up from a dream. You’re really doing that to us?’ But really, what he’s doing, he’s waking up on the execution table and all of his victims in the witness area [are there]. We see [John] Lithgow, Jimmy Smits and Jamie Murray and all the weekly victims are witnessing his execution. And then, whatever brilliant voiceover that we would write would come up and then the show would end. And had we done that, we wouldn’t be making this fantastic show we’re making right now,” Clyde Phillips said.

Further, the creator wanted to push for redemption for Dexter. Fans were absolutely hoping this would be a possibility as well.

“I’m reluctant to say ‘definitely’, you know? Let’s see. What’s plain now is that there’s 10 new episodes,” Phillips said. Further, the episodes also feature Jennifer Carpenter, Dexter’s sister. The show also includes John Lithgow, the Trinity Killer, which was a major fan favorite.

“Dexter: New Blood” is available for streaming on Showtime – and trust us – you’re going to want to see how Dexter Morgan handles his demons in this spinoff thriller.