‘Dexter: New Blood’: Fans’ Biggest Criticisms of the Finale

by Maria Hartfield

Showtime’s Dexter: New Blood is coming in how averaging over 8 million viewers a week across all Showtime platforms. This makes it the premium television network’s most-watched series of all time. However, it’s not all good news and reviews surrounding the show.

Fans of the long-running original Dexter series were looking forward to closure after the Season 8 finale from 2013. Almost 10 years later, the Dexter finale still makes headlines for being one of the worst in TV history. So, now that the Season 1 finale of the spinoff is out, did it fair better than its predecessor?

According to fans’ reactions on Twitter and IMDb, the Dexter: New Blood finale may be even worse than the original.

Dexter: New Blood fans react to season finale

Dexter followers were quick to voice their distaste for New Blood’s recent finale which aired on Sunday, January 9 via Showtime.

“I’m convinced they only brought #DexterNewBlood back to hurt us all over again,” tweeted @JackievsTony in response to the season finale. “I’m so disappointed,” @faarrrrraah said, adding, “F*** you writers.”

Another tweet posted prior to the finale air date read, “‘Dexter’ Season 8 ending > ‘New Blood’ ending” gaining over 1.6k likes. “Didn’t think they could make a worse ending than Season 8, but they definitely did,” user @firecreekpetro posted in response.

Overall, it seems most viewers blame the poor ending on bad writing claiming it felt rushed.

Finale Was Confusing and Felt Rushed

The final episode of Dexter: New Blood reveals Angela Bishop’s (Julia Jones) daunting discovery of Dexter (Michael C. Hall) as the Bay Harbor Butcher. Fans didn’t appreciate the ending ultimately blaming the final episode’s confusing plotline that didn’t make any sense.

Twitter user @faarrrrraah wrote, “After everything Dexter’s been through, you’re gonna tell me he got busted by a small-town cop using Google and a f podcast,” adding, “And lol, I didn’t know M99 magically changes to ketamine after eight years.”

User @AdamCOrtiz said, “That finale was bull****! 1) The evidence that Angela had against dexter was totally circumstantial. There was no way to link him to the BHB. 2) Dexter killing Logan the way he did is COMPLETELY out of character for Dexter. He would of [sic] never did that.” Their tweet was liked more than 1,000 times.

Additionally, @secularist85 wrote, “What makes #DexterNewBloodFinale so bad is Angela is such a bad cop that she couldn’t solve a missing person case in her own town (without help from #Dexter) but somehow we are suppose [sic] to believe that she got him on a single murder. The writers must think we are idiots.”

Knowing what we know at the end of Season 1, will Dexter: New Blood return for a Season 2?