‘Dexter: New Blood’ Features Unknown Kill From Dexter’s Former Miami Life

by Megan Molseed

Fans of the original Dexter series got quite the surprise during the January 2 episode of the popular show’s revival series, Dexter: New Blood.

Just when fans of the serial killer drama were certain that they knew most of the secrets that were held by the namesake of the series, Dexter, he drops one more bomb…revealing a previous kill we knew nothing about.

In the Dexter reboot, Micahel C. Hall portrays Dexter Morgan, one of television’s most well-known antiheroes.

A serial killer at heart, Dexter, sets his sights on fulfilling his urge to kill by taking down some major baddies. As Dexter sees it, he is doing good for humanity by ridding the world of some pretty nasty criminals.

Fans of the original series followed the serial killer as he lived his life, secretly murdering criminals on the side.

During each episode of the popular series, we followed the forensic blood-spatter analyst in his journey.

This, of course, is why many New Blood viewers were surprised when Dexter reveals a previous kill they knew nothing about while explaining his murderous ways to his teenage son, Harrison.

‘Dexter: New Blood’ Brings Back A Previously Unknown Kill

In Dexter: New Blood Episode 9, Dexter explains to Harrison that he used to hurt people who had hurt other innocent people. To explain the good he believed he was doing in his serial killing days, Dexter recalls an instance when he hunted a dangerous clown named Mr. Wiggles.

Mr. Wiggles ran a party clown business for children. It turns out, however, Mr. Wiggles has ulterior and very nefarious motives behind his party business.

In a recent Twitter post, Dexter writer shares a quick pic of the killer clown…and it is not a soothing sight, for sure.

According to Dexter’s story, Mr. Wiggles used his business as a front to lure in families and select children to abduct.

In the Dexter: New Blood flashback, the murderous anti-hero found photos of the evil clown’s crimes. This, of course, was all Dexter needs to prove Mr. Wiggles was no good – and that he needed to go.

Dexter explains to Harrison that it was up to him to make sure the clown never hurt anyone again. As always happens with Dexter’s kills, the fact that the murder fulfills Dexter’s sociopathic killer ways is overshadowed by the good he does by ridding the world of a larger evil.

Dexter recalls to Harrison how he captures Mr. Wiggles within the playhouse; eventually murdering the killer clown.

Giving A Shout Out To The Original

This was a perfect shout-out to the original Dexter series as New Blood picks up where the series left off.

In New Blood, Dexter’s previous life is all but a memory as the killer is hiding out in upstate New York even as his past begins to catch up with him.

Things are certainly heading towards a full-circle moment for Dexter in this premiere season. The Dexter: New Blood season finale is set to air next week on Sunday, January 9 on Showtime.