‘Dexter: New Blood’: Full Recap of Episode 8

by Jonathan Howard

Outsiders, tonight’s episode of Dexter: New Blood we got one of the biggest scenes of the season. Harrison and Dexter are starting a journey that cannot be stopped.

Last week, Dexter only just realized that he needed to tell his son everything. That means all the dark thoughts and even the code. Fans know just how important the code is for their favorite serial killer. He was nabbed by one of Kirk’s goons, Elrick, before he could do anything.

This week, Episode 8 opened up with Dexter tied up in the back of a pickup truck. After loosening his zip ties, he attacked his kidnapper. The attack gave the goon a Cheshire grin. All Elrick needed was facepaint for a very convincing joker costume. In the process, the driver wrecked the truck and Dexter flew out.

As our main character breaks out of his binds, his attacker comes out with a hunting rifle. It is clear that he needs him alive, so he shoots Dexter in the leg. After a wild chase through the woods, they end up at the summer camp in town. Armed with a knife, Dexter outsmarts the hired man and kills him after finding out where Harrison would be.

Kirk Caldwell Takes Harrison to Batting Practice

So far, this might be the most uneasy moment in Dexter: New Blood. Kirk picks Harrison up after calling him and seeing what he was up to. They head into the high school, that was closed for winter break and go into the batting cage.

It is clear that Kurt is trying to gain Harrison’s trust. He targets the teenager’s insecurities about his dad. While in the batting cages, Kurt shows Harrison how to bat. Then, starts to pelt him with baseballs through the pitching machine. Each hit brings up bad memories in Harrison’s mind with Dexter.

The two go off to Kurt’s cabin in the woods after Kurt offered to cook Harrison some venison.

So, after killing Elrick in the summer camp, Dexter takes his jacket and hat along with his phone and truck keys. Impersonating his former kidnapper, Dexter drives to Kurt’s cabin, wondering what could be there waiting for him.

Meanwhile, at the cabin, Kurt is still manipulating Harrison. He told the boy about how his “father” killed Iris 25 years ago. He says some things about how his father was bad to him and tries to connect with Harrison.

Angela Is Connecting the Dots, Can She Figure It Out?

As she digs into the drug dealer that Dexter beat up outside the bar, Angela discovers something. His story doesn’t line up with the story the dealer gave. Plus, he still had the stab wound from the ketamine needle that he was attacked with.

Soon, she is looking into the drug manufacturer that Dexter killed in his own home. The overdose story sounds convincing. But Ketamine was also found in his system when the autopsy was done. She is almost onto her ex-boyfriend, but will she be able to solve it?

‘Dexter: New Blood’ Ends With Father-Son Moment

Kurt abruptly says he has to take care of some things and leaves the room. Dexter keeps speeding through the back-country road to his son. When Kurt walks back into the room, he’s in his hunting/murdering outfit and has his rifle. As he did with the young women before, he made Harrison sprint out into his killing field.

Just as Dexter drives in, horn honking, Kurt thinks Elrick has brought him the father of his soon-to-be next kill. However, it isn’t his goon. Dexter drives right at the killer, but Kurt dives out of the way. His rifle is destroyed when it gets run over by the truck. Harrison is safe, Dexter is safe. Kurt… ran into the snow-covered woods.

As Dexter and Harrison drive away, the father says to his son, “I’m going to tell you everything.”

Meanwhile, Angela has found the Ketamine connection in the Bay Harbor Butcher case. We can’t wait for the last two episodes of Dexter: New Blood.