‘Dexter: New Blood’: Full Recap of Episode 9

by Lauren Boisvert

A new “Dexter: New Blood” dropped on Sunday, and we’ve got the run-down on the thrilling, bloody, eye-opening episode.

So, at this point, we know Harrison has been struggling with his Dark Passenger, only he doesn’t know to call it that yet. Kurt Caldwell was trying to turn him against his dad, and then tried to kill him in retaliation for Dexter killing his son Matt.

Now, Dexter has shared his past with Harrison, with Ghost-Deb periodically appearing, begging Dexter to spare Harrison the details. She wants to preserve what little innocence he has left, that if Dexter tells Harrison he kills people, there’s no coming back from that. He explains the Code through a flashback with Wiggles the clown, who murdered kids and kept Polaroids of them.

Dexter and Harrison celebrate Christmas; Dexter gives his son a gun so he can “fit in” with the kids at school. They head over to Angela and Audrey’s to open presents, but while they’re there, Kurt shows up. Dexter was so sure that he would run after their altercation, but instead he shows up with peppermint bark to prove there’s “no hard feelings” between him and Angela.

Throughout the episode, Dexter keeps hoping Harrison will suggest they do to Kurt what Dexter did to Wiggles. But, Harrison doesn’t hop on board until the very end. It’s like, if Dexter doesn’t put the idea in Harrison’s head, he can’t be responsible for it. All in all, he’s a little too eager for his son to start killing. He wants him in the family business.

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So, Dexter and Harrison scope out Kurt’s murder cabin to look for evidence. And boy, do they find it. In an underground bunker there are nearly 20 perfectly preserved bodies lining a hallway in glass cases. And the one on the end? None other than Molly Park, crime podcaster.

Meanwhile, Kurt is burning down Dexter’s cabin, waiting with a rifle to shoot him when he comes out. Except, Dexter and Harrison aren’t home. Kurt rushes back to his murder bunker, and wakes up Saran wrapped to a table in the middle of his trophy hallway.

Harrison watches the exchange, very pointedly not participating. Dexter kills Kurt, then begins to carve him up. But, Harrison flashes back to his mother’s murder when he sees Kurt’s blood drain from the table. He looks like maybe he’s having second thoughts about this whole thing. He goes up to get some air, where he has a long time to think. But, we have no idea what’s going on in his head, only that he got a little spooked. There’s a possibility he could be changing his mind; but, when he and Dexter dispose of the body, he seems to be settled again. He claims his Dark Passenger isn’t nagging him anymore. Dexter tells him that’s how it works.

The two head home, only, their home is now a pile of ashes. Dexter tells Angela that he and Harrison were out looking at the blood moon, but she definitely looks like she doesn’t believe him. When they get back to Angela and Audrey’s, there’s a note in the mailbox addressed to Angela. It reads “Jim Lindsay killed Matt Caldwell” and includes a screw from Matt’s broken femur. Could this be Molly’s last act before Kurt killed her? Or someone new?