‘Dexter: New Blood’: Harrison Continues to Show His Dark Side in Latest Episode

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

Harrison Morgan is treading a dark path on “Dexter: New Blood.” Currently, he’s hurt two people, with plans to hurt who knows how many more. He’s dealing with his own Dark Passenger, and it may consume him if he continues to drift closer to serial killer Kurt Caldwell.

Already, he’s struggling. He inadvertently revealed to Audrey on the recent “Dexter: New Blood” episode that his father isn’t who he says he is. This led to Angela putting some pieces together and figuring out Dexter’s true identity. Harrison also attacked Ethan at school under the guise of saving his classmates. Dexter knows that Harrison attacked unprovoked, though. Most recently, he broke a kid’s arm at a wrestling match. How much longer until he graduates to killing?

If he spends any more time with Kurt, he may get to that point. Right now, Harrison is a parallel of his father. Although he doesn’t seem like he’s as conflicted about his urges. He reveals to Audrey that Ethan wasn’t the first time he’d hurt someone; what about all those years with Hannah before he showed up on “Dexter: New Blood” that are unaccounted for? What did he get up to then? Audrey tells Harrison that they’re both outsiders; she doesn’t know the half of it.

Dexter isn’t really helping, either, as he has a lot on his plate right now. He could be taking this time to talk to his son about his Dark Passenger, teach him Harry Morgan’s Code. But he seems to want to ignore the Dark Passenger right out of Harrison. Will Harrison reveal his urges in therapy? Will he tell his dad, or Kurt Caldwell?

Angela Makes a Series of Discoveries on ‘Dexter: New Blood’

Angela Bishop has had a rough couple of days on “Dexter: New Blood.” First, she discovered that her boyfriend Jim Lindsay isn’t who he says he is, and then she found the body of her best friend who’s been missing for a decade. What is she going to do about all this?

Well, she calls Dexter to help with Iris’ body. “I don’t need Jim Lindsay,” she tells him on the recent “Dexter: New Blood” episode, “I need Dexter Morgan.” She’s going to use his experience as a forensics expert to figure out what happened to her friend. Everyone in Iron Lake thought Iris just ran off, but Angela felt something happened to her. Could Kurt Caldwell have been kidnapping and killing that long ago? It’s definitely possible. One thing’s for sure: someone definitely killed Iris. Her body was behind a fake wall in a cave, after all.

Then we have Molly, who might blow the investigation into Kurt Caldwell before it even gets off the ground. She keeps wanting to talk to him for her podcast even though Angela says no. Because she’s so eager to get information, she almost became an episode on her own podcast; Caldwell took her to his weird murder cabin looking for Matt, but Dexter showed up at just the right time. What else could these people possibly get themselves into on “Dexter: New Blood”?