‘Dexter: New Blood’: Harrison May Go Over the Line in Upcoming Finale

by Chase Thomas

Dexter: New Blood, like Mayor of Kingstown on Paramount Plus, quickly inching closer and closer to the finale for the season. Yes, Outsiders, it’s already here with the stakes and interest in Dexter: New Blood soaring on Showtime. A lot of folks have theories and thoughts as to how the series will wrap up in the finale. One possible situation involves Dexter’s son Harrison who may really go over the line in an upcoming finale.

Well, here is the thing. It’s complicated at the moment for Dexter, Harrison, and Angela. The former has no idea that Angela is indeed looking into him and hunting him. It’s not on his radar at all. Another problem is that she doesn’t fit the code for Dexter even if he were to find out. He is strapped in both capacities when it comes to Angela and solving that particular problem.

Harrison on the other hand is not limited in the same sort of fashion. This is why folks are wondering if it is Harrison, not Angela, who takes action. And kills her in the finale. It is certainly a possibility and would be a huge, terrifying moment for Harrison on the Showtime program.

Michael C. Hall on The Return of ‘Dexter: New Blood’

Michael C. Hall agreeing to come back to the program and do this miniseries was a big commitment on his part. After spending so much time with the character in the early portion of this decade, you could understand why he might have elected not to do so. Similar to Charlie Hunnam and the possibility of him ever playing Jax Teller again.

Hall told GQ, “When I said getting the band back together, I think it was because I knew that the show would be so different and so newly contextualized. And the character is psychologically in such a different—he’s a different person in a lot of ways.” It had to be different for Hall to come back and play the role again on the miniseries. He got the script and learned how different it would be, especially the character, and that helped draw him back into the fold.

Hall concluded, “In a way, having those people in place would allow us to maintain some connective tissue to that world that is foreign to this one so that we weren’t completely cut off from it. Something that provided an intuitive feeling that we believed that this was that guy from that world that is so unfamiliar.” The setting also worked for Hall and for the character. Everything is so unfamiliar and different that it works. All of this mattered in getting Hall to return to the show.

You can watch Dexter: New Blood on Showtime.