‘Dexter: New Blood’: Is Kurt Caldwell Dead on the Show?

by Lauren Boisvert

The synopsis for the ninth episode of “Dexter: New Blood” told us that Dexter and Harrison would be getting closer than ever as father and son, but we didn’t think it would be like this. Or, maybe we did.

Dexter finally told Harrison everything. Not everything at once, of course, but slowly, over the course of the episode, Harrison figures out that Dexter used to kill people. They talk about their Dark Passengers, and Dexter shares the Code with Harrison. Then, they go after Kurt.

First, reconnaissance. Part of the Code is you’ve got to have proof of crimes. So, Dexter and Harrison go to Kurt’s weird murder bunker, and do they find photos? Scraps of clothing? Locks of hair?

No. They find over 20 perfectly preserved bodies in glass cases lining both sides of a hallway. Harrison decides right then and there that he wants to help his dad kill Kurt Caldwell. While wrapped up on Dexter’s table, he claimed that all the girls he murdered were runaways, that he’d give them a room in his cabin and a hot meal. But they always wanted to leave, to go back out into the harsh world, so he “preserved them” and “kept them safe.”

But Dexter knows he just did it for the power. So, he kills Kurt and carves him up. Harrison watches the whole thing, claiming that he’s “ready” for it. But he doesn’t participate. Who knows what’s going through his head, what he’s planning to do with this information. One thing’s for sure, though: Kurt Caldwell is dead.

‘Dexter: New Blood’: Could Harrison Change His Mind About Helping His Dad?

Now it’s time for speculation; while watching Dexter carve up Kurt Caldwell, he flashed back for a moment to his mother’s murder. Could that happen every time he sees blood? Could he possibly change his mind about becoming his dad’s protégé?

At that moment, it seemed like it was too much, and he wouldn’t be able to handle it. But now I’m thinking he might just be overwhelmed; it was his first time really murdering someone, so maybe he just got spooked. After they burn Kurt’s body, he seems to understand what the process does for the Dark Passenger. He seems to get it, and I believe he’s going to keep on killing with his dad.

Harrison has a lot to learn. But it’s better that he learns it from Dexter instead of someone like Kurt Caldwell. Now, at the end of the episode, Angela got a mysterious note that revealed “Jim Lindsay killed Matt Caldwell.” Who could have sent that? She knows Jim Lindsay isn’t his real name, and she’s been looking into the Bay Harbor Butcher murders. Is this going to lead to a standoff between Dexter and his girlfriend?