‘Dexter: New Blood’: Is Molly in Trouble in Upcoming Episode?

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

One thing’s for sure on “Dexter: New Blood”: someone’s going to be in serious trouble very soon. The next episode synopsis states that someone close to Dexter is going to be threatened; it could be Harrison, or Angela, as those are the only two people who are really close to him. But, it could also be Molly.

If we remember from the latest episode, Molly tried to talk to Kurt Caldwell about his son Matt Caldwell despite Angela’s warnings not to. They suspect he’s the serial killer in Iron Lake, but currently have no evidence. Angela doesn’t want Kurt to spook with Molly asking him questions for her podcast. But Molly doesn’t really listen to Angela, and corners Kurt at a bar, asking him about Matt’s death.

Kurt tells her that Matt is alive and that he can take her to him. He leads her to his crazy weird murder cabin but Dexter shows up and rescues her. There’s still no real incriminating evidence, but now that Molly has seen Kurt’s hideout, she’s definitely in danger.

There’s also speculation that Dexter could be after Molly, but after he saved her from Kurt that doesn’t seem likely. It all depends on if she’s lying about not knowing who Dexter is; she did some podcast episodes on the Trinity Killer and the Bay Harbor Butcher, but doesn’t seem to recognize Dexter. Hopefully, she makes it out of everything alive.

‘Dexter: New Blood’: Harrison and Dexter are Drifting Apart, What Could That Mean?

On “Dexter: New Blood,” Harrison is slowly drifting away from Dexter and finding solace with Kurt Caldwell as a mentor and father figure. Which, considering Kurt is the serial killer, could be very, very bad for Harrison. Either he’ll be killed, or Kurt will take Harrison’s Dark Passenger and twist it for his own nefarious deeds.

Harrison has listened to Molly’s podcast about the Trinity Killer and his mother’s death; what he doesn’t remember from the incident, he can learn from the podcast. But that’s still someone’s retelling of the facts. He would have to get his father’s account of what happened for something truly accurate. But, experiencing the podcast retelling seems to have triggered something inside Harrison. Latent memories of his mother’s murder? Is his Dark Passenger the result of his involvement in the incident as a child?

Dexter has to become a protector in this next episode, something he’s not used to doing. Will it be for Angela? Or for Harrison? My money is on Harrison; as he gets closer and closer to Kurt Caldwell, Dexter will have to reel him back into the light–or, as much light as there really is around Dexter. It will become a fight for Harrison’s soul, as Kurt entices him and Dexter struggles to keep him in his sights.