‘Dexter: New Blood’ Makes Highly-Anticipated Return, Read Full Recap

by Chase Thomas

Rejoice, Dexter: New Blood fans, as the Showtime sensation has officially made its return to the small screen Sunday night. Yes, the show starring Michael C. Hall and company is back for a new, twisted season that already has fans talking.

Dexter: New Blood Spoilers Ahead

OK. A lot to unpack from this opening episode. First, it has been 10 years since the ending of the original show on Showtime, with Dexter now going by Jim and Dexter not having committed a kill in a decade. He is laying low both figuratively and literally in upstate New York. Fans who wondered who might replace Dexter’s dad as his dark passenger have to wonder no more, as it’s indeed his sister Deb Morgan.

It made sense for this to be the case, considering their relationship and considering their family history with Harry. Now, though, it looks like Deb will have a different sort of impact on Dexter. Still, she is going to have to help him in a big way. Because it’s been so long, Dexter is not his usual self. He is not working as clean. He makes a major mistake at the cabin leaving behind a trail of blood. The former Miami resident even misses his date with his new girlfriend Angela.

The story they are telling early on is that this is not the same Dexter, even though Dexter wishes he could just turn it right back on from his Miami days. No, that will not be the case this season Dexter: New Blood. Deb is going to have to bail him out constantly as his dark passenger because Dexter is rusty. It’s been a decade since he left his old life and became Jim. It was only natural for Dexter to lose a step for this sort of thing. Only time will tell if this proves costly for him, though.

Dexter says in the episode, “My life has always been truth adjacent, but starting now, there will be one less lie.” Has there ever been a better summation for his character on the program? A lot of what Dexter presents to the world is true, but there are some obvious lies he still has to tell, you know, that whole serial killer business. Now, he is not only lying about who he is inside but he is lying about his name. He is lying about everything, including his identity.

The biggest question involves his son, Harrison. The rumors have been strong that Trinity, the serial killer who murdered his mother Rita right in front of him, will be his dark passenger when the time comes, played by John Lithgow. While Deb working with Dexter isn’t a groundbreaker, Trinity following around the teenage Harrison on his journey into darkness certainly is.