‘Dexter: New Blood’: Michael C. Hall’s Mom Pitched Hilarious Idea for a Season of Show

by Jonathan Howard

Michael C. Hall has played a serial killer off and on for the last 15 years or so. With Dexter: New Blood, he reprises his role as everyone’s favorite killer.

Now look, us fans love Dexter. He is complex, conflicted, humourous in the darkest way, and just so fun to watch. However, when it comes to Hall playing the role, not everyone is a huge fan. Mainly, his mom. She is proud of her son and his accomplishments, of course, but she just wishes he didn’t portray such a killer.

A while back, she even pitched an idea to her famous son about what he should do differently. It was worth a shot, at least.

“I think the strangest pitch came from my mother,” the Dexter: New Blood star said to Rich Eisen. “Who wanted to watch a season of Dexter just simply living in a monastery. She was just like ‘Wouldn’t it be great if we just watched him do his daily chores, go to bed early, and be quiet?’ That’s what mom wants to watch. She wants to watch me behave.”

Unfortunately for Hall’s mom, there isn’t a chance that her dream season comes to fruition. Although, seeing Dexter keep doing his killing thing while being undercover as a monk or a priest. However, that isn’t quite what his mother has in mind, now is it?

Michael C. Hall’s Mom ‘Very Proud’ Of Her Son

While Hall’s mom might not like all the violence that happens in Dexter: New Blood, she can’t say that she is disappointed with her son. Not many actors get to star in a Showtime original series. Even fewer get to reprise their roles in a reboot of the season.

“She takes it in stride. I mean, I think she… you know mom loves me for me. And I think it’s maybe strange for her to see me pretending to be all these other people… Maybe people love Dexter or these other characters that I’ve played. I think she almost feels compelled to announce to people, ‘I taught him better than that… I never told him it’s okay to murder people.’ But essentially, she’s very proud. She’s happy to see me… happy to see me workin’!”

‘Dexter: New Blood’ Reaching Millions of Viewers

Right now, for those wanting a season 2 of Dexter: New Blood the ratings are there. However, it depends on what the writers want out of the show. This is after all a limited series made to correct the wrongs of the original series finale. So, with that in mind, there might not be a plan to continue the story after this season.

Still, with the show reaching 7 million viewers every week, it would be hard to disagree that another season is going to be wanted. While we wait to see what is happening there, at least we have the rest of this season to enjoy. Things are heating up and the Dexter/Harrison storyline seems to just be getting started.