‘Dexter: New Blood’ Star Clancy Brown ‘Had No Problem’ with the Original Show’s Ending

by Hannah Heser

Dexter: New Blood star Clancy Brown might be the only fan who enjoys the original show’s ending. In the new series, he portrays Kurt Caldwell. And he opened up about his opinion on season eight’s controversial finale episode. Any guesses for what he likes about the ending?

While fans were mad with the final episode, Brown had other thoughts for it. In other words, he thought season eight was the end of the show. But he was wrong. The showrunner’s debuted an all-new season a few years later. But can you complain? That just means fans get to experience more of Michael C. Hall and the rest of the cast. And I think that’s a pretty solid deal.

But let’s cut to the chase. Why are fans screaming over the ending when Clancy Brown actually doesn’t mind it? Well, Outsiders, we have the answer for you.

Why Clancy Brown Enjoy’s the Original Show’s Ending

First of all, Clancy Brown had no idea showrunner’s would create a sequel. The new season nearly takes place ten years after the original show left off. And it just so happens to be a reunion between Dexter and his son, according to Screenrant.

Additionally, Brown rewatches the season eight finale while preparing for the next season. And you will find his response from Screenrant below.

“I didn’t know there was a Dexter revival until Clyde Phillips came to me with the news. So, I think they were keeping that under wraps pretty well until they had it all set up and ready to go. The way I heard Clyde and Michael tell it is that, there had been gestures to do the revival to fix what they broke during the last few seasons. Personally, I had no problem with the way it ended. I thought it was just fine. But I think Michael had to get some distance on it. I know they’ve been trying to figure out how to do it for a while, and I was glad they decided to follow through with it. You also had to wait until Harrison was old enough to be part of it.”

Unfortunately, this isn’t the main reason that the original show takes a downfall. Furthermore, many fans, as well as other cast members said the show started to get bad when Clyde Phillips left after season four. So with Clyde not being on the show anymore, fans weren’t as enthused with the rest of the series. And it resulted in one of the most controversial show endings ever. For all you Dexter fans, what did you think of the season eight ending? Would you watch it again?