‘Dexter: New Blood’ Star Clancy Brown Reflects on His Favorite Movie Scene

by Lauren Boisvert

In an interview earlier this month, Clancy Brown spoke about his most notable role; Captain Byron Hadley in “The Shawshank Redemption.” That, and as Mr. Krabs from “Spongebob Squarepants.”

Brown said that he’s most recognized from “Shawshank,” and shared some of his thoughts about the film. When asked if he had any sense of what they were endeavoring to make while filming, Brown replied, “No, nobody ever did, and we didn’t even when it opened […] we knew it was a good movie […] but you never know if anything’s going to be any good. You hope against hope, you put together all the best guys you had […] it was a real a-list group of folks, but you never know what’s going to happen.”

Then Brown is asked about his favorite scene from “Shawshank.” He replies first, “Any scene that Morgan [Freeman] is narrating.” He then mentions the ending of the film, when Red follows Andy Dufresne’s clues to the oak tree. Red finds a box with a letter from Dufresne, asking Red to join him in Mexico. The tree is one of the most iconic in movie history, but it was felled in 2016.

Personally, I know Clancy Brown from his role on “Carnivale” as Brother Justin. That was my first exposure to this prolific actor, and I continue to enjoy following his work, all the way up to “Dexter: New Blood.” He’s found great success as a voice actor as well, and I can always pick his distinct voice out of any animated production. Cheers to Clancy Brown, I hope your character goes to jail on “Dexter: New Blood.”

Clancy Brown’s ‘Dexter: New Blood’ Character: What Are His True Motives?

On “Dexter: New Blood,” Clancy Brown plays the sinister serial killer hiding behind his good neighbor demeanor, Kurt Caldwell. It’s possible he’s been kidnapping and killing women for over a decade to capture the high of his first kill, Angela’s friend Iris.

But what are his real motives? He called off the search for his missing son Matt at the beginning of the season. Now we know about the body hidden in the caves, where the search party was going to look next. It’s likely Kurt called off the search so they wouldn’t find his handiwork, but Angela found it anyway. Now he’s under extreme suspicion; we’ve seen his weird murder cabin as well when he took Molly there under false pretenses.

Additionally, he’s been luring Dexter’s son Harrison over to his side little by little. Harrison sees him as a father figure, when I believe Kurt is really going to try and train Harrison to be a serial killer. Harrison has let his own Dark Passenger come out to play in at least three instances; Kurt could use that against him and convince him that he needs to feed into that darkness.

One thing’s for sure: Clancy Brown does a phenomenal job as a sinister, evil guy. I don’t want to cry typecast, because he has so much range, but that’s a character type that he does exceptionally well.