‘Dexter: New Blood’ Star Clancy Brown Talks Working With Sean Connery

by Lauren Boisvert

In an interview from earlier this year, Clancy Brown spoke about what it was like working with Sean Connery in the 1986 film “Highlander,” and how the movie came to be in the first place.

“That movie is a complete accident,” Brown started. “The guy that wrote it, Greg Widen, he was a college kid, he was an undergrad […] and he wrote this script as his final for some cinema script writing class that he did.” He explained how producers dug through a bunch of scripts and picked out one that “won an award or got an A” and they pitched it to the studios. Widen eventually sold his script for about 200,000 dollars.

Brown then explained that the producers went to Sean Connery and asked him if he would be interested in playing the Highlander (“I don’t even think they even read the script,” said Brown). Connery turned them down. He said he wanted to play Ramirez instead. So, Connery was attached, and the budget goes up.

Christopher Lambert joined as Connor MacLeod and Russell Mulcahey as director. When looking for an actor for the main villain, Brown recalls that Mulcahey was talking with Sting about “Highlander”, and that it was actually Sting who recommended Clancy Brown for the role as The Kurgen. Sting had worked with Brown on the movie “The Bride” at the time. Brown reveals in the interview that he did the role, but that the producers barely paid him.

According to the comments on the video, the Kurgan is a fan-favorite character. Even though they didn’t pay him what he’s obviously worth, fans still love Clancy Brown for the effort he puts into all his roles.

What’s Next for Clancy Brown’s Character on ‘Dexter: New Blood’?

Currently, Clancy Brown’s character Kurt Caldwell is getting into some hot water as at least three people in Iron Lake suspect he’s the serial killer. Caldwell revealed that his father was a rapist and abuser and that he was exposed to that as a young age.

What the characters don’t know is that Kurt is the one who killed Angela’s friend Iris over 10 years ago. Coming up, Dexter fights for his life in a violent confrontation in an abandoned summer camp. Harrison is also struggling with who he wants to trust; Kurt, or his father.

I’m under the impression that Kurt wants to use Harrison and train him to be a relentless serial killer. Can Harrison realize that Kurt has bad intentions and get out of that situation before it’s too late? Or will Kurt take Harrison down with him? There’s a new episode today, Dec. 26, that may help answer our questions.