‘Dexter: New Blood’ Star Johnny Sequoyah Explains Why Audrey Shares Harrison’s Secret

by Lauren Boisvert

Angela now knows Jim Lindsay is a false identity on “Dexter: New Blood,” how long before the entire town knows? How long before Kurt Caldwell knows? All because Harrison blabbed to Audrey. I mean, can you blame the kid, though? He’s under a tremendous amount of stress, all these secrets and lies, and murder in Iron Lake. He needed to confide in someone, and that someone just happened to be the sheriff’s kid.

In conversation with Hollywood Life, Johnny Sequoyah, who plays Audrey, spoke about Audrey and Harrison’s dynamic, as well as Audrey’s motives for telling Angela about Dexter.

When asked what was going through Audrey’s head when Harrison told her that his father’s name wasn’t Jim Lindsay, Sequoyah replied, “Basically, Audrey’s entire life, it’s really just been her and her mom. Her mom is always going to come first in a lot of ways, and even though she really cares about Harrison and really has an interest in him, I think that when she hears that, she feels torn because she obviously wants to support him and be his ally, but she also feels like she can’t carry this information and not tell her mom about it.”

What it comes down to is, Audrey is loyal to Angela. Sure, she pushes her boundaries as the sheriff with her protesting and skipping school, but she loves Angela and wouldn’t keep anything from her. Audrey feels she’s looking out for all of them when she tells Angela about Dexter.

‘Dexter: New Blood’: What’s Going on In Iron Lake?

Kurt Caldwell, self-appointed mayor, is a kidnapper and murderer. That much we know. It was speculation before, but we’re all pretty sure he’s the one. He lured Molly to his weird basement “looking” for Matt Caldwell, and Dexter had to save her. They’re the only ones who know something isn’t right with Kurt; it’s not a question of if this will come back to haunt them, but how.

Additionally, Angela found the decade-old body of her best friend Iris, who disappeared when they were in high school. It begs the question: has Kurt been at it this whole time? Decades of kidnappings and murders, and no one’s put the pieces together. Unless, he just did Iris, took a break for 15 years, and then started up again.

One thing’s for sure; things are getting tense in Iron Lake. We’ve discussed the prospect of Harrison becoming a serial killer under Kurt’s tutelage ad nauseam, but there’s something to be said for it. It’s possible that Kurt is going to fan the flame under Harrison’s Dark Passenger, nurture his killer instinct, and possibly turn him on his father. I haven’t posed it as a possibility before, but maybe Dexter will be forced to kill his own son. Only time will tell.