‘Dexter: New Blood’ Star Michael C. Hall Prepared for Serial Killer Role in Wildly Creepy Way

by Jonathan Howard

Dexter: New Blood is seeking to give fans of the original series a proper ending to the show. But, how did Michael C. Hall prepare for his role as Dexter?

Playing a serial killer can’t be easy. It takes a bit of detachment and compartmentalization. While it is all showbiz and all that, preparing for a role like Dexter is challenging. So, back in the day, what did Hall do in order to get ready to be the serial killer of criminals and bad guys?

Well, it turns out to be a little bit creepy. Before Dexter was stalking the streets of Miami in the original Showtime series, the actor got a taste of what that lifestyle would be like. So, he did what any antisocial killer would do and…started following people around New York City?

Here is what he said to Rich Eisen back in November:

“That is true,” the Dexter: New Blood star said. “I just… to get a taste for what it would feel like to, you know, endow a stranger with reprehensible characteristics and follow them around the city a little bit. It was surprisingly easy. You know there’s a lot of people in New York. People can be followed without knowing you’re doing it. I didn’t follow anybody home. Maybe down to the subway, back out of the subway. Just to see how it felt.”

Michael C. Hall Says Following People Was ‘Invigorating’

Okay, actors and actresses can go to extreme lengths to get into the mindset of their characters. For Michael C. Hall, his role on the original series and Dexter: New Blood requires some outside thinking. While following people around, Hall found that he was somewhat enjoying himself.

“It felt invigorating in a way,” he continued. “It’s like you’re in on a secret that nobody else knows about. You know, it gave… the tiniest taste of what it must… that it might be a bit of a power trip to be carrying around secrets that formidable, you know?”

When you see his performance as Dexter, you could say his little practice sessions helped. The character is one of the best on TV and the show is almost always interesting. Showtime’s model is a bit different now in the world of streaming. However, the series is still getting millions of viewers each week.

‘Dexter: New Blood’ Outperforms Original Series

Looking at this season of Dexter: New Blood the numbers have been great. The ratings have shown that fans are ecstatic about the new series. The debut episode has had over 8 million viewers since it first aired. Each week pulls in 7 million viewers to each episode.

Those numbers are far more than the original series ever did. When it comes to a second season, those numbers can only mean good things for a potential second season of the limited series.