‘Dexter: New Blood’ Teases Dexter’s Ultimate Fate

by Jonathan Howard

Just one more episode of Dexter: New Blood left and the show has now teased what might be awaiting Dexter as the season comes to an end. Spoilers Ahead.

Kurt Caldwell is dead. Angela is on Dexter’s case. Dexter’s house is burned to the ashes. Harrison knows about the code and what his dad does to his victims. So, how will this play out? Fans have been theorizing about what awaits the title character.

There have been ranging opinions from prison to elaborate murder plots. Nothing would be out of the ordinary for Dexter: New Blood. This season and the original series prove that there isn’t much the show won’t do. However, we now have a little teaser about what to expect from the finale tomorrow night.

Kurt is the one who burned down Dexter’s cabin. He did so thinking that Harrison and his dad were inside sleeping. The killer waited with his rifle to shoot the feeling family. However, they were already one step ahead. What the father and son don’t know is that the Chief of Police has been a step ahead of them for quite some time.

Dexter: New Blood is on a one-way collision course for conflict, that’s for sure. The teaser tells us that Dexter is going to be running from someone or something. That Angela is calling in backup. And, Dexter is going to have his mugshot taken.

Just from the look of things in the video, I’d have to think he’s going to prison. Though that doesn’t mean it is so cut and dry. Perhaps there is another reason why he would be arrested? With a big announcement coming on Monday after the finale, there is no telling what it could be.

‘Dexter: New Blood’ Confrontation Is Coming

There is a lot going on heading into the finale. Things have gotten very real for Harrison and Dexter. While the code was once Dexter’s alone, it is now there for his son. Now, Harrison will learn from the best liar that has perhaps ever lived.

When Harrison arrived in Iron Lake he likely didn’t think his dad was a serial killer. However, things change and quickly once Kurt almost snipes the teenager like his other victims. So, both Dexter and Harrison have a real connection, a familial bond. Both were born in blood and all the while they will face intense scrutiny.

Before Kurt died, he made sure to plant some evidence in Angela’s mailbox. A note saying that Jim Lindsay AKA Dexter, had killed Matt Caldwell, his son. The note did not say who it was from. However, it did contain the titanium pins from Matt’s leg. His body was burned but the metal remained.

In the season finale of Dexter: New Blood something has to give. Confrontation is coming. Will it be Harrison v. Dexter? Angela v. Father and Son? Or, something else entirely?