‘Dexter: New Blood’: The Rift Between Harrison and Dexter Grows in Upcoming Episode

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

There’s a new “Dexter: New Blood” episode coming on Dec. 19, and things aren’t looking good. In the previous episode, someone figured out that Jim Lindsay’s not who he says he is, including his girlfriend Angela Bishop. In a promo for the episode, she pulled him over, asking for a license and registration. When he reached for his glove compartment, she said, “Not that one. The one for Dexter Morgan.” It’s a chilling realization for Dexter that someone has found him out.

In the next episode, Dexter confronts Kurt Caldwell, as his son Harrison has been drifting closer to the mysterious self-appointed mayor. In the episode synopsis, it seems like the new serial killer might go after Angela. Dexter goes from “predator to protector”, something he’s not used to being.

Dexter and Harrison, meanwhile, are going to therapy, and it seems like the rift between them is growing with every moment. Harrison is looking to Kurt Caldwell to be his father figure, which is a dangerous position to be in; but it makes sense, as Harrison has his own Dark Passenger to struggle with. Though, is he struggling as much as Dexter used to? Or is he giving into it and becoming something dangerous? Dexter may have to protect someone from his own son if things get any worse.

In the promo for “Dexter: New Blood” episode 7, Kurt and Dexter have a confrontation; “You know,” starts Kurt, “there was a time when I thought you and I would be friends.” Dexter replies, seemingly in his head, “Except you kill innocent women and I kill guys like you.” If he has any self-preservation instinct, he won’t say that out loud.

‘Dexter: New Blood’: What We Can Learn From Dexter’s Past

It seems that on “Dexter: New Blood,” every time Dexter tries to make things better for himself and those around him, his plans backfire. If we go back to the original series, we may be able to see where things went wrong.

Dexter is good at making friends with people he doesn’t care about. He can fake it ’til he makes it, but he’s still a sociopath. He doesn’t express emotions in conventional ways. He doesn’t even really have emotions. But it seems like he gets himself into these situations with people that he then can’t get out of. Then, he gets close to discovery.

On “Dexter: New Blood” he seems to have fallen into the same trap that he had before; now, he’s in a relationship with the Iron Lake sheriff, and she’s figured out who he is. Not that he’s a serial killer, but that he’s Dexter Morgan, forensics expert. No one knows that he’s a serial killer, but it’s only a matter of time before he does something that tips someone off.