‘Dexter: New Blood’: Things Get Tense Between Kurt and Dexter in Upcoming Episode

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Arturo Holmes/WireImage)

Dexter Morgan and Kurt Caldwell are going head to head in the upcoming “Dexter: New Blood” episode. There’s a good chance that Dexter knows exactly what Kurt is, but whether Kurt knows that Dexter knows remains to be seen.

There’s also Molly, who Dexter saved from Kurt’s creepy basement. It’s a possibility that she knows about Kurt as well. Will the two team up to bring him down? Or will they be targeted?

In a recent promo photo, Kurt and Dexter meet at a diner to discuss who knows what; we’ll have to wait to find that out. There is a moment from the episode trailer where Kurt admits that he and Dexter could’ve been friends. Dexter thinks to himself, “Except you kill innocent women and I kill guys like you.” So, safe to say, Dexter knows something’s up.

The big questions are, what does Kurt want with Dexter now? Is this meeting about Harrison? Dexter’s son has been drifting closer and closer to Kurt Caldwell as a mentor, but what is he mentoring him in? My guess is, he’s going to try and bring him into the serial killer fold and nurture his Dark Passenger. Not in the way Dexter does, but in ways that put innocent people at risk.

There’s also a good chance that Molly could be targeted as the next victim. She’s been snooping around Kurt, asking questions for her podcast about his son. She saw his murder basement, but he let her go. So, she knows something, and it’s possible he’ll go after her again.

‘Dexter: New Blood’: What Could Angela’s Discovery Mean For Kurt?

On the last “Dexter: New Blood” Angela made a grisly discovery in a cave: the body of her friend Iris. She’d been missing since the two were in high school. The police thought she ran away, and her case went cold. But, Angela always knew something happened to her.

Could Iris have been one of Kurt Caldwell’s victims? He could have been doing this for over a decade, kidnapping and murdering. Angela has her suspicions of Kurt, she just doesn’t have the evidence. Could Molly be a witness and share what she saw at Kurt’s cabin? Is that enough to search the place?

Something tells me Kurt won’t be caught until the very last minute. If he’s gotten away with it for over 10 years, then he’ll continue to get away with it. Except, now forensics expert Dexter Morgan is in his town, and this may stir up some trouble for Kurt.

Angela called Dexter and specifically asked for Dexter Morgan, not Jim Lindsay. She need’s his expertise to find anything on Iris’ body. Could there still be evidence even though she could’ve been dead for over 10 years? If there is, Dexter will find it.