‘Dexter: New Blood’: What Are Kurt Caldwell’s Motives?

by Lauren Boisvert

Kurt Caldwell has been a thorn in Dexter’s side since the very beginning of “Dexter: New Blood”, but at least he was a subtle thorn. Now, it feels like all of Kurt’s secrets are being revealed at once, at least to the audience. Kurt’s carefully crafted disguise is slipping, now. How desperate will he get?

We know Angela had Dexter check Iris’ body for forensic evidence, and he found DNA on her teeth from a decade ago. Angela arrests Kurt Caldwell, and here we get a look into Kurt’s inner life. Apparently, his father was a violent rapist, and Kurt witnessed his atrocities. He claimed that he saw Iris get into his father’s truck, but the audience learns that Kurt killed her after an altercation. He’s been chasing the high of her murder ever since. Now we understand why he called off the search for Matt; they were going to the caves next.

So what are Kurt’s motives? That’s the big question here. Why has he been kidnapping and killing women all this time? Is it really to get the satisfaction he felt from his first one? Possibly. He’s obviously trying to recruit Harrison into something. By letting Dexter know that he knows who he is – or at least that he knows he killed Matt – he’s moving his chess piece into attack position.

Harrison once again let his Dark Passenger come out to play. But, he’s remorseful, and lets everything spill to his father; he remembers his mother’s death in detail and thinks about it all the time. Could this be the start of Dexter and Harrison repairing their relationship? Or is Kurt going to continue to cast his spell over Harrison?

‘Dexter: New Blood’: Why Is Kurt Going After Harrison?

“Dexter: New Blood” is weaving us an enigma with the threads of mystery. Why has Kurt chosen Harrison? Could it be that he was just convenient? A new kid in town, with a difficult home life and an eager need to please? Possibly.

There’s no way Kurt knew who Dexter was right at the beginning. Unless, he figured it out and targeting Harrison to get to Dexter. Maybe it didn’t start out that way, but it has definitely evolved into something like that.

My speculation is that Kurt wants to train Harrison to become a dangerous, remorseless serial killer. Kurt is getting on in years, and maybe he figures he won’t be around forever, so, he needs an apprentice. Maybe he wanted to train his son Matt to take over the family business, but he died before he could. Now, he needs Harrison. That makes the most sense to me, anyway, but “Dexter: New Blood” could definitely surprise us with something unexpected.