‘Dexter: New Blood’: What Michael C. Hall Found Appealing About Reboot Storyline

by Quentin Blount

There are a lot of people who are on board for the revival of Dexter Morgan in the new show Dexter: New Blood. But what made the storyline attractive to the star of the show himself?

For those out there who don’t already know, Dexter: New Blood is a continuation of the series Dexter. The show features Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter reprising their roles as Dexter and Debra Morgan, respectively. The story is set 10 years after the events of the season finale of the original series.

Back in November, Hall, a 7-time Emmy nominee, sat down for an interview on The Rich Eisen Show. When asked what attracted him to the storyline of the reboot, one of the first things he mentioned was his character’s relationship with his son, Harrison.

“I liked that it focused on the relationship with his son,” Hall revealed. “I liked that as much time has passed for him that has passed for the rest of us.”

If you remember, Dexter Morgan was originally a blood-spatter analyst for the Miami Metro Homicide Department. But that was just his day job. At night (and sometimes during the day), Dexter doubled as a serial killer. But here’s the catch — he only murdered other killers who had walked free. In Dexter: New Blood, however, the character had dedicated himself to not killing anymore.

“And I like that he’s been committed to abstinence,” Hall said. “But the fact that we’re turning the cameras back on suggests that he’s probably gonna slip up and start killing again. The idea of someone who’s done as much as he’s done and then just turned it off. Turned off the murder hose. The idea of someone turning that back on and the chaos would ensue felt inherently dramatic.”

Make no mistake about it — Hall is definitely right about that one. If you have been following along with Dexter over the years then you know that the whole storyline just makes for good TV. Check out his entire interview on The Rich Eisen Show down below:

‘Dexter’ Took Place in Miami, ‘Dexter: New Blood’ Takes Place in Upstate New York

Another one of the key differences that Michael C. Hall liked about the Dexter: New Blood revival is the fact that the environment is different.

“Also, he’s in a completely different environment,” Hall said of his character, Dexter Morgan. “He’s living in a tiny little upstate New York town surrounded by snow and ice. He couldn’t be further from Miami.”

In addition, Dexter is now living under a new name — Jim Lindsay. But it doesn’t take long for someone to find out his real identity.

“He’s living under a different name and I don’t know — I think it felt like it was a new context of the show that would do the character justice. And that’s what we tried to do.”