‘Dexter: New Blood’: What Will Dexter’s Ultimate Fate Be?

by Lauren Boisvert

Things are winding down on “Dexter: New Blood”, and we’re wondering what’s in store for Dexter now that Kurt Caldwell is dead. In the previous episode, someone left a mysterious note in Angela’s mailbox reading “Jim Lindsay killed Matt Caldwell.” It also included the screw from Matt’s broken leg. Someone must have gone through the burned remains in the furnace; a surgical screw wouldn’t melt, not at smokestack temperatures.

Now, Angela has been suspicious for a while; she’s been listening to Molly’s podcast on the Bay Harbor Butcher and getting a hunch. Could a small town sheriff actually succeed in finally catching the Bay Harbor Butcher?

If Angela finds out who he is first, she’s going to arrest him, no doubt. She wouldn’t risk her job and her life by trying to kill him. Plus, they’ve been dating this whole time, there’s got to be some emotional attachment for her there.

If he’s arrested and found guilty of – at least – Matt’s murder, then that could be incentive for another season. Harrison trying to get Dexter out of jail, Angela dealing with the fact that she was dating a murderer; a second season with Dexter in jail would be more narratively focused on the other characters instead of Dexter’s inner thoughts. It would be a departure from the show’s formula, but if Dexter is in prison for more than one episode, things would get boring, fast.

‘Dexter: New Blood’: What’s Going to Happen to Dexter in the Finale?

On the other hand, if Dexter dies in the last episode, that would fulfill the original plan for “Dexter: New Blood” to be a limited series, more of a bookend to the original show. I honestly don’t have ay idea who’s on deck to kill Dexter, though. Angela, possibly, if they get into a fight. Maybe even Harrison, if he decides he doesn’t want to be a killer after all. He could freak out and kill his dad, accidentally or not.

It seems like Harrison is soon going to go through some inner conflict about killing; he flashed back to his mother’s death when he saw all the blood, could that happen every time he kills? Would he be able to do it at all without his dad’s help? I don’t have a good argument for Harrison killing Dexter, but it’s a possibility.

Lastly, Dexter and Harrison could escape Iron Lake and disappear. That would fuel a second season, definitely, following the mishaps of Morgan & Son as Harrison figures out how to sate his Dark Passenger. This scenario turns “Dexter: New Blood” into a family sitcom, which I’m not opposed to. The only thing is, how would they escape? Angela is so totally suspicious, and it looks like she’s going to do something about it soon. Can the two get away before it’s too late?