‘Dexter: New Blood’: Why Clancy Brown Thinks Dexter Doesn’t Truly Care About Harrison

by Maria Hartfield

Clancy Brown who plays the antagonist in Dexter: New Blood sadly believes Dexter has no love for his son Harrison. The 10-episode limited series launched in November picking up right where Dexter season 8 left off. Brown plays the part of Kurt Caldwell, a serial killer who’s been secretly hunting women for the last 25 years.

If you remember, Dexter season 8 ends with Dexter abandoning his son Harrison in Argentina with Hannah McKay. Dexter claims he left Harrison because he didn’t want to be responsible for hurting any more loved ones after the death of his sister Deb. Fast forward, and Dexter: New Blood has brought the father and son duo back together again. After Harrison finds Dexter hiding out in Iron Lake, New York, he decides to live with him and eventually reveals his seemingly dark tendencies.

Clancy Brown Talks Father-Son Relationships

In an interview with Collider, Brown opens up about why he doesn’t think Dexter has sincere feelings for Harrison. He also mentions how his own character, Kurt Caldwell, lacks feelings for his son, Matt as well.

“I don’t think sociopaths care about anybody, to be honest with you,” said Brown. “And I don’t think Dexter really cares that much about Harrison,” he continued. “[But] I mean, he might try. And I don’t think that Kurt really cared that much about Matt. I think they care about what they mean to them in terms of their own existence, in terms of whatever and however it might be accomplished. But I don’t think Kurt had any illusions of affection for Harrison. And probably Jack [Alcott] will not agree with that, and maybe Clyde will disagree with it, but I just think these people like this, they’re sociopaths. They really don’t care about anyone else and they enjoy manipulating them. Sometimes they’re really good at it, and I think Kurt has gotten really good at manipulating a lot of his life around his addiction. But I don’t think he’s a good guy at all. And I don’t think Dexter’s a good guy, by the way.”

Dexter: New Blood SociopathicTtrends

Despite Dexter’s many sociopathic tendencies, he still demonstrates genuine emotion in the original series as well as in New Blood. We’ve seen him work extremely hard to solidify some type of relationship with Harrison after his abandonment back in season 8. Ultimately, Dexter’s plan to protect Harrison by keeping him from the truth didn’t work out. This is mostly due to the fact that Dexter killed Kurt in front of Harrison totally exposing his dark passenger to his unsuspecting son.

Dexter and Harrison’s fate is still to be revealed in the season finale of Dexter: New Blood. Tune in for the season finale airing on Sunday, January 9 at 9 pm ET/PT on Showtime.