‘Dexter: New Blood’: Why Dexter’s Past Sins Prove He Can’t Have a Happy Ending

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Matthew Eisman/Getty Images)

Life for Dexter Morgan is not easy and that has been clear on Dexter: New Blood.

While we watch this new season following Morgan’s life and actions, it is important to remember his past. Al that happened in Miami on the original show is still canon. That means everything that happened then is relevant to where we find the serial killer of criminals lying low as Jim Lindsay.

If you wanted to take the overarching themes of the original series and likely this new series, you could say a few things. One of those simplifications is that the show is a story about Dexter seemingly trying to make life easier on himself and others, but it seems to always backfire.

Every time we see him dig out of a hole, he gets into a deeper one it seems. Already through the first five episodes of Dexter: New Blood we see that starting to happen. First, he kills Matt Caldwell. Then he hides the body. After that, he has to go through painstaking risks and hikes in the snow to cover his trail. At least long enough to burn the body and rid himself of the evidence.

He thought he was out of the woods but it appears that Matt’s dad, Kurt, might be a bigger issue than he thought. Now as he tries to make things right with Harrison, he seems to be pushing him away. So, what can we learn from Dexter’s past?

A History of Befriending People Under False Pretenses

One thing that Dexter Morgan is good at is friending people he cares nothing for. The killer is a sociopath. He doesn’t really have feelings and emotions like the rest of us do. While he has worked on the social graces and things that make society work, he isn’t fully adapted.

Even the mother of his child, Rita, was supposed to be a cover for his killings. He liked her because of how lowkey and oblivious to his actions she was. Then in season 3, he got close to the ADA Miguel after killing the man’s brother. Oh and remember when he was sleeping with Lila West and she about killed him? While he thought that framing Doakes as a serial killer was going to settle things once and for all.

It appears that he is already back to his old ways on Dexter: New Blood and it might get him in more trouble than he realizes.

‘Dexter: New Blood’ Shows Dexter Has Not Changed Much

WIll the Michael C. Hall character find himself in a similar position to the ones he got involved in back in Miami? He really might be on that track. He has gotten into a long-term relationship with the Chief of Police in Iron Lake and she isn’t a dumb cop.

With the return of Angel Batista to our story, his cover story as Jim Lindsay is likely on its last legs. So, in episode 6 we might see another excuse or made-up story from Dexter. Dexter: New Blood is getting interesting and we have yet to see our main character claim a second victim on his new table. Will it happen?