‘Dexter: New Blood’: Why It’s So Hard to Pinpoint Exact Age for Harrison

by Madison Miller

“Dexter” has proven to be a timeless cult-classic series.

This is evident after the limited series “Dexter: New Blood” recently came out to finish off where the original series left off. The original series wrapped up in 2013, although it left many fans wishing for a different ending.

This is how “Dexter: New Blood” came to be. Now, original fans could watch revisit the legendary Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) . He originally went about his days as a bloodstain pattern analysis expert to a vigilante serial killer.

In between his unorthodox career, Dexter also had a family life on the side with Rita (Julie Benz).

Age of Harrison in ‘Dexter: New Blood’ and Original Series

That was cut short when she died during season four. That isn’t before the duo had a kid together named Harrison.

At the end of the original series, Dexter fakes his death to start a new, less murderous life. He leaves Harrison with his girlfriend (also a seasoned serial killer). Harrison makes an appearance in “Dexter: New Blood” and he’s looking distinctly older than when we last saw him.

After seeing him onscreen, fans are having a hard time pinpointing his exact age. According to ScreenRant, Dexter says his son is 3 during season 7, which takes place in 2011. Then in season 8, his sister Debra says he’s 4.

When season 8 aired is when things got a bit more confusing. A new actor takes on the role of Harrison. Jadon Wells, who was 7 at the time, plays Harrison. He looks much older, but no time jump is mentioned. Similarly, in “Dexter: New Blood,” the timeline isn’t that clear.

We know there is a 10-year difference between season 8 and the revival. That means that Harrison should be about 16 at the oldest. Instead, Jack Alcott, who plays Harrison, is actually 22 in real life.

Importance of Harrison in Series

It’s all evidence that “Dexter” may have made a few too many timeline errors near the end of the series. Regardless of exact age, a lot of “Dexter: New Blood” is centralized around Dexter and his son. During an appearance on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” Hall cites his son’s age as a reason for the new series happening.

“A lot of the story hinges on Dexter’s relationship with his now-full-grown son, and we had to wait for him to grow up,” he said.

Maybe the best way to get an answer is to have more episodes of the popular crime show. Rest assured that Dexter is 51 in the new series given his age during season 8 is rather clear. As of now, it has not been confirmed whether there’s a possibility more episodes of “Dexter: New Blood” will come out.