‘Dexter: New Blood’: Will the Show Bring Back One Hardly Featured Character in the Finale?

by Jonathan Howard

Alright, Outsiders. Just one more day until the finale of Dexter: New Blood. However, there is a character that has fallen into the background. Will they reappear for the finale, or are fans going to be left wondering what is going on?

Our friends Matt & Jess have been asking the same questions about Edward Olsen. Early in the season, it looked like the billionaire fossil fuel baron would be a big point of contention for the show. Olsen mocked protestors, gladly walked around Iron Lake like he owned the place… he kinda does. And, really gave off weird vibes towards Audrey.

There was a scene earlier in Dexter: New Blood where Audrey and Harrison broke down while out driving. Audrey knew what she needed for the fix, and Harrison walked down the road to get cell reception. Then, Olsen pulled up. This was right before it was confirmed that Kurt Caldwell was the one killing the missing women and girls. Olsen offered to give Audrey a ride in his nice luxury SUV.

Harrison showed back up and said help was on the way and Audrey gave Olsen a piece of her mind. Then, he went off and we haven’t really heard or seen of him since. Then again, there has been a lot of development with Harrison and Dexter’s relationship and of course, with Kurt.

So, is Dexter: New Blood waiting for a second season to finish out this story? Was Olsen just in the show to throw fans off of Kurt’s trail? Unless something happens in the finale, we won’t really know for sure. There’s a big announcement coming Monday regarding the show, but we don’t know what that is either. Hopefully, a second season plays out the Olsen story some more.

Will Angela Bring Down the Law in ‘Dexter: New Blood’ Finale?

Putting Olsen aside, there is one character that has been doing her research. That would be Angela. Iron Lake’s Chief of Police has been doing her research ever since she ran into Angel Batista. What Batista doesn’t know is how close the random stranger he met is to uncovering Miami’s most prolific serial killer.

Before the start of Dexter: New Blood Angela and “Jim Lindsay” were a happy couple. Jim had lived in town for the last 10 years and was a normal guy. Worked at the hunting shop and carried along like a normal member of society.

However, Angela knows that is all BS. She has uncovered his real identity but has yet to confront him about the Miami killings. Since Dexter took down Kurt, will Angela let him go free? Is Harrison going to have to protect his father who is just showing him the code, or will he let the police take him away? Fans of Dexter: New Blood are so close to seeing the finale and there is no telling what might happen.