‘Dexter: New Blood’: Will the Show Get a Spin-Off Sequel?

by Lauren Boisvert

“Dexter: New Blood” has come to an end, with fans divided over whether or not the finale was fitting for the character. Some fans declared this finale as bad as the season 8 finale, and others threatened to cancel their Showtime subscriptions. Still, others tried to reason that there was really no other logical conclusion to the show.

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, showrunner Clyde Phillips spoke about a hypothetical spin-off show about Harrison and his Dark Passenger. Be warned, there are some SPOILERS ahead.

Phillips, first of all, said that he and the writers knew the finale had to end this way from the very beginning. The writers meticulously planned it from the get-go. Harrison had to be the one to kill Dexter because that would give him a proper start as a killer in his own right. He needed to kill his father to let himself become his own man.

When asked if there was a possible ending where the state of Florida executes Dexter for his crimes, Phillips replied, “No. It needed to be Harrison. It is complicated, messy and makes sense, and paints us into a corner. This was the best idea. We talked about other stuff but kept landing back at the same place and you write to it.”

As for a spin-off, Phillips commented, “there’s a lot I’d like to explore. I don’t have permission yet from Showtime to explore it. But if they were to call […] and say we want to do ‘Harrison,’ I’d drop everything and say yes in a minute.”

So, for the time being, a spin-off about Harrison is just a hypothetical. Phillips has the idea, and it’s exciting. But there’s no official news that a spin-off or season 2 will be in the works as of yet.

‘Dexter: New Blood’ Showrunner Clyde Phillips on ‘Redeeming Ourselves’ with Finale

When Phillips spoke about the finale, he mentioned the idea of redemption for the season 8 finale. That finale is commonly known as one of the worst in TV history and left most “Dexter” fans disappointed. “Dexter: New Blood” was supposed to be a righting of wrongs, almost like a do-over.

“We wanted to redeem ourselves,” Phillips told the Hollywood Reporter. “That ending in season eight left a bad taste in the audience’s mouth, which tarnished the legacy of a great show […] With ‘Dexter: New Blood’, [Dexter’s death] had to happen. I hope the audience feels shocked.”

With the legacy of the new show, he wanted fans to not only experience shock; but entertainment, stimulation, surprise, fear, and satisfaction. He wanted fans to learn something. Judging by the reactions on Twitter, a lot of fans have learned that they don’t want to watch “Dexter” without Dexter.