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Did ‘Chicago Fire’ Just Reveal Severide’s Final Episode?

by Joe Rutland
taylor kinney photo
(Photo by Adrian S Burrows Sr/NBC)

News of Taylor Kinney’s departure from Chicago Fire has been making the rounds and it’s possible that NBC revealed Severide’s final episode. Just look back at last Wednesday’s episode titled Run Like Hell. You didn’t see Kinney much in that one. Yet the episode ended with Severide showing Stella Kidd, his wife, a text message.

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This week’s episode is titled Damage Control. According to a synopsis from NBC, we’re going to get Kidd, Seager, and Carver busy investigating a fire at the city stables. Kinney’s Severide is not mentioned in the synopsis and doesn’t appear in promotions teasing the new episode.

‘Chicago Fire’ Puts Possible Plans To Have Severide, Kidd Work Together On Hold

For now, Season 11 of Chicago Fire takes a hit. Any plans to have Severide and Kidd work together as newlyweds are going on hold. The couple has been through some stuff since they were married. We will get a chance to see Kidd working on her own along with others from Firehouse 51..

Severide, and Kinney, will be missed on Chicago Fire. At least his absence will be temporary. ScreenRant reports. It appears that NBC is not making a big deal out of explaining his whereabouts. They might be taken up later on. Still, One Chicago does not want to dwell much on it knowing that he will eventually return.

Kinney Met One Of His Childhood Icons In Gino Rosato

Meanwhile, back in 2021, Taylor Kinney had a chance to meet one of his childhood icons. He posted a photo on Instagram of him with Formula One and Ferrari 1 team member Gino Rosato. Kinney captioned the photo like this: “Being a kid watching #formula1, then growing up to be the same kid watching the damn thing! Lots of love! To the man…. @ginorosato.”

Rosato, who started working in Formuila One with Ferrari in the ’90s, posted the same picture to his Instagram page. “What a gentleman @taylorkinney111, so cool !!” Rosato captioned his own post. 

Now, what is it about the dynamic between Severide and Kidd that comes out on the show? Kinney had some thoughts about this himself. He said in an interview that Kelly Severide’s troubles are as a result of him being in his own way.

While Kelly and Stella work out their issues, Kinney talked about his childhood crush in another interview on The Talk. For Kinney, it started and ended with Katey Sagal, who played Peg Bundy on Married With Children. Kinney said that he “grew up on Married With Children.” He thinks Al was crazy for thinking that being married to Peg was “taxing” or “like a job.” Kinney thought to himself, “Man, I wish I was Al.”