‘Dirty Jobs’ Fans React to Mike Rowe’s Return on the Beloved Series

by Clayton Edwards

Dirty Jobs made Mike Rowe a household name. The series, which shows Rowe throwing himself into some of the hardest and dirtiest jobs imaginable, ran for eight seasons. Then, in September of 2012, it came to an end. Since then, fans have been waiting impatiently for it to come back. Rowe, too, has been itching to get back to work. A short miniseries aired in 2020. However, that only served to whet the appetites of fans around the country. Finally, last night, the series returned to the Discovery Channel and fans couldn’t be happier.

Sunday, the Discovery Channel celebrated the return of Dirty Jobs with an all-day marathon. As a result, fans got several hours of Mike Rowe doing some of the dirtiest jobs in the world. They topped off that marathon with the long-awaited season nine premiere.

The overall reaction to the return of Dirty Jobs speaks volumes. If you’re familiar with Twitter, you know that someone usually has something negative to say about just about everything. However, Mike Rowe and his crew are getting nothing but praise. After all these years, the show still speaks to a universal audience. With an interesting concept and one of the most charismatic and downright likable hosts on television, it’s easy to see why everyone is so excited.

Dirty Jobs Fans Sound Off About the Season Premiere

One fan made the return of Dirty Jobs a family affair. They gathered their kids in front of the TV to watch Mike Rowe do what he does best. This, they said, was the right way to kick off the new year. Honestly, it’s hard to disagree with that.  

Luckily for one fan, Discovery aired the season premiere of Dirty Jobs twice last night. They “stupidly got caught up in a football game” and missed the first airing. However, they won’t be making that mistake again.

Much has changed since Mike Rowe and the Dirty Jobs crew last went out in the world. These last couple of years have been especially rough for many people. One fan was excited to see the show back on the air and said it was exactly what we needed after all we’ve been through.

Those who weren’t just excited to see Mike Rowe and Dirty Jobs return to Discovery were celebrating the quality of the episode. It seems that, after the long hiatus, Rowe and the DJ crew came back strong. That’s not really a surprise. Rowe has never been one to do things halfway. He has probably been waiting on this day just as much as everyone else. So, there’s a good chance he threw everything he had into this season.

New episodes of Dirty Jobs air every Sunday at 8 pm on the Discovery Channel. Or, you can stream episodes on Discovery+.