‘Dirty Jobs’ Host Mike Rowe Teases a Very Rocky Time in Upcoming Episode

by Matthew Memrick

Mike Rowe has rocks on the brain in his latest Instagram posting, and the “Dirty Jobs” host loves it in the upcoming episode.

Rowe talks about Sunday’s episode, from sucking rocks off a Nashville roof to carving stone at the Crazy Horse Monument in South Dakota.

Check out Rowe’s Instagram post here.

Mike Rowe Goes Cross Country For Rocky Episode

The star called the all-day Tennessee gig “one of those jobs that’s so weird, and one of those days that’s so punishing, there’s really nothing to do but write a song about it.” 

He added he’s share it later, but we don’t know if it’s for social media or the show.

As for South Dakota, Rowe talks about hanging out with a “good-natured gang of dedicated mountain carvers.” He said he learned a lot again between “sucking rock and carving stone.”

That South Dakota excursion also has its own pain and suffering. The 59-year-old “Dirty Jobs” host also said there’s more “levity and song” involved in that part of the episode too. 

Finally, like a good network promoter, Rowe lets everyone know when the show’s on (8 p.m., Discovery). If you want more Rowe, check out the classic reruns all night. When he says 4, I guess that means 4 a.m.

Mike Rowe Recalls Beating Adele On Music Charts

On Sunday, Mike Rowe recalled his “Santa’s Gotta Dirty Job” song success

Fox News reported Rowe’s holiday track had reached No. 1 on iTunes in December. It beat the British singer’s “Easy On Me.”

Rowe got a hand from Emmy-winning TV host and country star John Rich and the Oak Ridge Boys for the song. Proceeds from “Santa’s Gotta Dirty Job” benefited the community, too. 

Two charities, Folds of Honor and mikeroweWORKS Foundation, got some money. Folds of Honor helps provide scholarships to military families, while Rowe’s foundation promotes trades and apprenticeships.

Rowe called the chart-topping feat “weird” and credited Rich for the album idea. He said the two “literally wrote the song in 10 minutes.”

Afterward, the 48-year-old Rich called in the Oak Ridge Boys, and the music magic started to happen.

Rowe also remembered after the studio recording with Rich calling him three days later. Rich told the “Dirty Jobs” host that the song was “right under Adele.” That evoked a joke from Rowe saying, “Oh, I’ve always wanted to be underneath Adele.”

A day later, Rich calls Rowe back to say the song is “on top of Adele.” There’s no need for another joke, Mike.

Rowe professed his love for the music business and added that, for two weeks, the duo had “the number one downloaded song in the world, right before Christmas.” He said the money turned out to be a “really fun Christmas present” for the charities.