‘Dirty Jobs’ Star Mike Rowe Explains His Definition of a ‘Bloody Do-Gooder’

by Keeli Parkey

For years, Mike Rowe showcased some of the most difficult, unusual, and disgusting jobs in the United States of America in his “Dirty Jobs” series. After that show came to an end, Rowe moved on to the “Somebody’s Gotta Do It” series. Most recently, he has been showcasing the nation’s workers in “How America Works.”

The shows made him famous as a man who appreciated the work others do to keep the country running. Rowe became a popular advocate for hard work. He also often encouraged America’s youth to take part in career and technical education.

Rowe, who is now 59 years old, also became well-known for one expression in particular. That is the phrase, “bloody do-gooder.”

The “Dirty Jobs” host explained what this phrase meant during an April 2015 interview with Variety. “What exactly is a “bloody do-gooder”?” Mike Rowe was asked during the interview. The question was asked after Rowe referred to someone who appeared in his “Somebody’s Gotta Do It” series. That someone was a man who lived in Louisiana and was dedicated to cleaning up a river.

Mike Rowe Said a ‘Bloody Do-Gooder’ is Someone Who is ‘Nicer’ and ‘Better’ Than Him

So, what is a “bloody do-gooder” to Mike Rowe?

“‘Bloody do-gooders’ is my expression for people who are nicer than me, who are better than me,” the former “Dirty Jobs” host shared.

Rowe then went on to share some details about this one “bloody do-gooder” in particular. “In this guy’s case, all his life he grew up on the Mississippi, and he just decided as a kid, the river’s a freaking mess and somebody’s got to clean it up,” the popular television personality explained.

Seeing the “freaking mess” inspired this Mississippi native to acquire the equipment and people he needed to do what he can to improve the conditions of the river.

“So he operates a couple of barges that are fully staffed with a couple dozen volunteers and he has pulled literally hundreds and hundreds of tons of sh— out of the Mississippi river day in and day out — from cars to tires to oil drums to the occasional dead body to hundreds of messages in bottles,” Rowe said of this “bloody do-gooder.”

Rowe also said he believed that this man was meant to take on the task of cleaning up the river. “It’s like the river is coughing up its history and its secrets to this guy. And he just cleans it up by himself because he’s got to,” Mike Rowe explained.

According to IMDb, Mike Rowe’s “How America Works” series debuted during September 2021. The most recent episode of the show was released on Nov. 8. Rowe serves as the narrator of this new show.