‘Dirty Jobs’ Star Mike Rowe Once Got Attacked by an Alligator While Filming

by Taylor Cunningham

Mike Rowe has had some downright disgusting experiences while filming Dirty Jobs. But what some people don’t know is that he’s had some terrifying—almost deadly—experiences, too.

Dirty Jobs host Mike Rowe had gone into the trenches with almost every type of blue-collared worker there is. He’s toured sewers, caught fish, milled cow bones. If you can think of a job, Mike has tried it.

But even though his show is called “Dirty” Jobs, his episodes also include dangerous jobs. And in an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle, Mike talked about all of his deadly on-screen experiences while showing off a few battle scars.

Mike has had are twelve stitches, two cracked ribs, one broken toe, and one broken finger—all while filming Dirty Jobs. And those are just the injuries he could think of at the moment. He also has three gnarly scars.

The host has a triangular mark between his thumb and pointer finger that came from an alligator gar, which Mike described as a “sort of a demon spawn between an eel and a German Shepherd.”

On his leg, he has a hole that he got four years ago. Though, Mike never said where, or what, it came from.

Mike Rowe also has a scar from a shark.

“That’s a shark tooth that got through my shark suit,” he shared. “… One little tooth got through, and the f—ing thing got through my skin to my bone. It never really healed properly.”

But water-dwelling monsters don’t top the list of Mike’s scariest experiences. An explosion does.

“The scariest [event] was a portable blast furnace, size of a toaster oven that a blacksmith uses. I was operating it in the field,” he said. “The gas built up, so when we torched it, the flames that came out wrapped around my head and melted my contacts to my eyes. I was pulling pieces of plastic off my retina. But it was fine, it just scared the hell out of me.”

Mike Rowe Believes Americans Take Blue Collar Workers ‘For Granted’

Dirty Jobs host Mike Rowe thinks that the average American looks down on trade workers. Blue-collar jobs aren’t glamorous and don’t require an expensive four-year degree. So our current generation dismisses them and takes their work “for granted.”

But our country would fall apart without laborers, and Mike doesn’t understand why people don’t respect that.

“There’s something in us… where we begin to resent the very thing we rely upon,” he told Fox News. “This whole problem, this disconnect, this skills gap — 11 million open jobs — this isn’t a mystery. This is a reflection of what we value.”

“We’re not properly gobsmacked when we turn on the switch and the lights come on or when we flush the toilet and it all goes away. And it’s not a great mystery why our kids aren’t eager to fill these positions. We take them for granted ourselves.”