Does ‘Chicago Fire’ Star Miranda Rae Mayo’s New Role Mean Stella Kidd Is Gone for Good?

by Shelby Scott

This season of “Chicago Fire” has seen some major changes regarding its cast members. Now, fans are worried about the potential departure of another cast icon.

The 200th episode of “Chicago Fire” saw the final departure of original cast member Jesse Spencer, iconic for his role on the hit NBC show as Captain Matt Casey. Now, we’ve learned via Deadline “Chicago Fire” star Miranda Rae Mayo has scored a new role aside from Stella Kidd. That being the case, does this mean her time at Firehouse 51 has come to an end?

According to the news outlet, Mayo plans to star alongside another “Chicago Fire” alum and former fan-favorite, Yuriy Sardarov. Fans may recall Saradarov for his role as Brian “Otis” Zvonecek. Saradarov’s time on the show concluded during the season eight premiere where his character died in a warehouse fire.

Another reason fans believe this might be the end of Stella Kidd is that the character has been absent from new episodes since earlier this season. Kidd made an appearance in the first few episodes of “Chicago Fire” and has been absent ever since. Her on-screen partner, Kelly Severide, previously shared she had taken her Girls on Fire Program to Boston. However, it was uncertain when she’ll be back.

Now, we wait for the December 8th episode, “Chicago Fire’s” latest after a weeks-long hiatus. Ahead of the episode debut, we wonder whether Kidd will finally make an appearance. Showrunner Derek Haas did share the character would return before the end of the calendar year. So as we near the holidays, it makes sense her return would take place next week.

‘Chicago Fire’ Features Genuine Fireman

“Chicago Fire” has gained the admiring hearts of Outsiders everywhere, for its dynamic rescues, lovable characters, and unavoidable romances. That said, there’s no doubt the NBC series remains one of our personal favorites. However, it’s for more than its depiction of our nation’s firemen and women.

One of “Chicago Fire’s” longtime cast members, Tony Ferraris, stars as Squad 3’s apparatus operator. Additionally, he serves as a frequent point of comic relief alongside Capp actor Randy Flagler. However, in addition to “Chicago Fire,” Ferraris’s day job sees him working as one of Chicago’s true blooded first responders.

While Ferraris plays a minor role in the storylines pervading “Chicago Fire,” he has starred in the vast majority of the show’s episodes since the beginning. We know the show recently celebrated its 200th episode this season, Looper states the actor and real-life fireman has made an appearance in 190 episodes.

Further, Ferraris played a crucial role in “Chicago Fire’s” upstart. Briefly, when he came to the set of the show, crew members realized he was the only individual qualified to drive the squad truck. From there, he and his character have provided fans both a lot of laughs and a lot of real-world insight.