Does New ‘NCIS’ Season 19 Secret Revealed About Gibbs Signal His Return?

by Megan Molseed

Despite the departure of the major NCIS fan-favorite Leroy Jethro Gibbs early this season, the popular CBS drama NCIS returned to the airwaves this year with an incredibly touching Gibbs storyline.

The storyline is one that certainly brings tears to our eyes, bringing some good out of tragedy.

It also gets us wondering, does this nod to Gibbs mean that Mark Harmon may be poised to return to his popular role sometime soon?

In the first NCIS episode of 2022, the team investigates stolen classified Navy software. This particular software can control drones, so it could mean some very bad things if it falls into the wrong hands. As it turns out, the perpetrator has been right in front of the team the entire time in an exciting last-minute plot twist that is truly in the style of NCIS.

However, for many fans, the high point of this episode comes towards the end of the show when a major secret being held by Gibbs is revealed to a couple of the team’s agents.

McGee And Palmer Find Some Mysterious Cash

During the winter premiere of NCIS’s nineteenth season, the episode finds both agent Timothy McGee and the team’s chief medical examiner Jimmy Palmer as they each discover a mystery deposit of $10,000 in their bank accounts.

The mystery of the origin of these deposits becomes even bigger as both Sean Murray’s Timothy McGee and Brian Dietzen’s Jimmy Palmer learn that they are the only ones within the team to receive the funds.

Finally, as the episode is wrapping up, the audience learns what the source of the $10,000 is, as do both Palmer and McGee.

The director of the NCIS, Leon Vance (Rocky Caroll), pulls the two men into his office with a single and very confusing statement. At least it’s confusing for just a few moments…until things begin to clear up as Vance explains what happened to the two NCIS players.

‘NCIS’ Reveals A Major Secret Gibbs Has Been Holding

“I just wanted to welcome you as the newest members of the Leroy Jethro Gibbs College Scholarship Club,” Leroy Vance tells Timothy McGee and Jimmy Palmer.

As it turns out, Leroy Gibbs has been gifting families with funds from his late daughter’s college fund.

“It’s in memory of his daughter, Kelly,” Vance tells Palmer and McGee.

“When she was young, he started a college fund,” the NCIS director continues.

“When she died, Gibbs never closed the account,” he adds. “In fact, he kept adding to it.”

Since then, Leroy Vance explains, Gibbs has gifted college funds to many families with the kids attending college in Kelly’s honor.

Touched by the gift, both McGee and Palmer express their desire to thank their former team leader for the thoughtful gesture.

And Vance seems to give us some hope that this may soon be possible.

“Hopefully one day you will,” the NCIS director tells the two agents regarding an opportunity to thank Gibbs in person. This may not guarantee Harmon’s return to the series. But, it’s certainly a step in the right direction for a guest appearance!