Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Daughter, Cecily, Sports Shirt Honoring Beth Chapman in New Photo

by Samantha Whidden

On Sunday (January 23rd), Dog the Bounty Hunter’s daughter, Cecily, takes to Instagram with a snapshot of her sporting a shirt honoring her late mother Beth Chapman.

Not really sharing more details other than a kissing emoji, Dog the Bounty Hunter’s daughter is seen wearing a shirt that says “For Beth” while holding a gun in her hand. The shirt is apparently from the “For Beth” collection. On a separate Instagram page, Cecily states that everything she does is for her mom. She posted the same picture of herself on that account, with the caption, “She got all she need! #ForBethAllDay.”

Cecily’s mother and Dog the Bounty Hunter’s late wife was diagnosed with stage two throat cancer in September 2017. Although she went into remission, the disease eventually spread into her lungs. While filming the series Dog’s Most Wanted in June 2019, Chapman was hospitalized. She was placed in a medically induced coma at the Queen’s Medical Center, which is located in Honolulu, Hawaii. She eventually passed away from complications caused by cancer. 

Following Beth’s passing, Dog the Bounty Hunter declared her death is the worst thing he has ever been through. “It just feels terrible to lose a spouse and have your wife go before you. I’ve had to adjust. Beth isn’t there anymore telling me to stay back. Or warning me a guy is about to shoot.”

Dog the Bounty Hunter also stated that he no longer was afraid to die. “I don’t want to die, but I’m not scared anymore. When I go to catch somebody, I stick out my chest and go with it.”

In September 2021, Dog exchanged vows with Francie Frane. This is his sixth marriage.

Dog the Bounty Hunter Reportedly Teams Up With Video Game Company 

According to Newsweek, Dog the Bounty Hunter has teamed up with a video game company  Virtual Interactive Technologies Corp. to develop a series of games based on his bounty hunter persona. The collaboration is a multi-year, multi-game agreement. 

Virtual Interactive Technologies announced it is planning to develop and market multiple video games. They will feature Dog the Bounty Hunter’s name, image, and likeness. Dog declared, “After years of sharing my life on television, I’m thrilled to bring my many stories and experiences to the video game environment.”

Dog the Bounty Hunter also stated that he is delighted to be working with Virtual Interactive Technologies. Jason Gerber, CEO of the video game company, explains that turning Dog into a video game is a “once in a lifetime opportunity.”

Gerber adds, “Dog’s successful career in reality TV and his widely recognize persona will provide us with exceptional content. To build a number of exciting and engaging games.”