Dog the Bounty Hunter Just Lined Up a Surprising New Business Venture

by Michael Freeman

Duane “Dog” Chapman made a career and lifestyle for himself by being a bounty hunter. Though he’s expressed interest in other areas, his latest business venture is one I’m sure none of us saw coming.

When you think of Dog the Bounty Hunter, you probably don’t imagine video games, but it looks like he’s giving them a shot. Pop Culture reports Dog signed a production deal with Virtual Interactive Technologies Corp to make video games featuring him. Further, the company is allowed to use both Chapman’s name and likeness in promotional materials for the games.

Announcing the partnership yesterday, the company issued a statement. “Virtual Interactive Technologies will team with Mr. Chapman to bring exciting and engaging titles to the video gaming market in the coming months and years and will leverage his social media and other public relations resources to bring awareness to the games,” it reads. Though we know there are multiple titles, they didn’t announce any specific ones.

Dog himself also shared a statement about his latest endeavor. “After years of sharing my life on television, I’m thrilled to bring my many stories and experiences to the video gaming environment,” Chapman said. “I’m delighted to be working with Virtual Interactive Technologies and their experienced team.”

Hopefully, this project goes better than the last. Back in 2021, Dog tried his hand with a new show called Dog Unleashed. Set to debut on a new streaming platform, Unleashed Entertainment canceled it, allegedly due to a breach of contract.

As an avid video game player, a bounty hunting game could be fun, if done right. Then again, we don’t even know what kind of games will be made yet, so we’ll have to wait and see.

Tiger Woods Signs Deal with ‘PGA Tour 2K’ Franchise, Marking His Return to Video Games

Dog isn’t the only one getting into the video game space lately, though another celebrity is quite familiar with it. Though his Tiger Woods PGA Tour games ceased in 2013, he’s back in business with the PGA Tour 2K series.

TMZ broke the news about the deal last year. 2K announced an “exclusive, long-term partnership” with Woods for the new games. Just like with his previous games, this means his image can now be used in all PGA Tour 2K games. The money he’ll earn for this partnership wasn’t disclosed, but Woods himself released a statement expressing excitement.

“I am looking forward to making my return to the video game landscape, and with 2K and HB Studios,” Woods said. “I’ve found the right partners to make it happen. I’m honored to take part in this opportunity and look forward to sharing my expertise and insights as we build the future of golf video games together.”