Dog the Bounty Hunter Offers Touching Tribute to Wife Francie Frane’s Ex-Husband

by Amy Myers

Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman showed his support for his new bride, Francie Frane, by honoring the memory of her previous husband.

Earlier today, Chapman posted an old photo of Frane with her late husband, Bob Freyn, together. In the sweet picture, Frane laid her head on her spouse’s shoulder as someone snapped the candidly cute moment.

“Three years ago today Bob Freyn left earth for heaven I am so sorry Francie I love you and I promise you I will try to be at least half the Man Bob was to you,” Dog the Bounty Hunter captioned the photo.

Frane lost her husband just six months before Chapman lost his own wife, Beth, to throat cancer. Chapman has made a conscious effort to keep the memory of both spouses alive as he and Frane pursued their new love. On Beth’s birthday, he even posted a tribute to his late wife.

“I miss Beth and celebrate her today on her birthday and know she’s with Jesus keeping an eye on us from above. Happy Birthday, Beth. We love you!” Dog the Bounty Hunter wrote.

‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’ Defends Relationship with New Wife

Since becoming involved with Frane, Dog the Bounty Hunter has received some criticism for the new romance. At one point, he even told TODAY that he would never be able to marry again after Beth had passed.

Only 10 months after Beth’s death, though, Dog the Bounty Hunter had just popped the question to Francie. When he announced his engagement, it came as a shock to fans.

“I will be getting married, I’m gonna drop the bomb on your show,” Chapman revealed in during an appearance on the podcast, Two Guys from Hollywood. “I’ll probably get in trouble but I’m getting married, and you’re invited. I felt very bad about even wanting to have someone else after Beth.”

According to Dog the Bounty Hunter, though, he decided after studying scripture that his new relationship was just.

“I went to, again, the Bible in Genesis and found out how Adam got Eve, as I was going to find the exact story. I saw the scripture that says God does not want a man to be alone, that he knows we need a companion, whether we’re man or woman. So anyway, yes, Sept. 2.”

Dog the Bounty Hunter even shared a photo of the couple’s Christmas card on Instagram. In it, Francie wore her wedding dress while Chapman posed by the fireplace.