Dog the Bounty Hunter Sends Message to Fugitives: ‘We’re Bringing Heaven or Hell’

by Jonathan Howard

In the last few months Dog the Bounty Hunter has been keeping busy. Now, he has a message for the fugitives out there.

When the Dog is going after fugitives, he has a way of communicating with them when he catches them. On his show, he was quick to offer a cigarette and a word about salvation. Duane Chapman has always been proud of his Christian faith.

So, his latest PSA to criminals on the loose… “heaven or hell.” Dog the Bounty Hunter is going to keep doing what he’s been doing for years. Tracking down folks that have done wrong, skipped out on bail, or any other number of things. Check out the Instagram post below and see for yourself.

“Fugitives beware,” the post caption reads. “Here we come and we’re bringing heaven or hell with us.”

That’s a bold claim and one that Chapman hopes to keep. His line of work can’t be easy. Of course, the Dog gained a lot of publicity during the Gabby Petito search. He offered his services to help find Brian Laundrie. While his team did not find Laundrie, they were able to assist in locating other missing persons.

In fact, Dog the Bounty Hunter has decided to look into the case a little deeper. There is a case out of Utah that he believes could be connected. After a concerned father reached out on social media, Dog is investigating the possible links between the two incidents.

Dog the Bounty Hunter Investigates Utah Murders

At a Utah campsite in August of 2021, Kylen Schulte and her wife Crystal Turner were found murdered. Sean-Paul Schulte, father of Kylen pleaded on social media for Chapman to help investigate the situation. Apparently, Brian Laundrie and Gabby Petito were in the area around the same time.

According to sources familiar with the situation, Schulte and Turner were approached by a “creepy guy.” After playing some pool at a local bar, they went back to their campsite. However, they felt that they needed to move sites due to the “weirdo” that had been “freaking them out.”

Soon after telling friends about the encounter, they were found dead. Sean-Paul has confirmed that Dog the Bounty Hunter is coming up to Moab in order to help find out who committed the awful crime. There is nothing that has been confirmed as far as the identity of the strange man that Kylen and Crystal encountered. Now, the Dog is heading up there to see what help that he can offer the grieving family.