Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Daughter Absolutely Racked Up for Christmas This Year

by Chase Thomas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for so many folks. It truly is, Outsiders. Over the weekend, so many kids across the country finally got to see what Santa Claus brought them on Christmas morning. Well, Dog the Bounty Hunter’s daughter was no different, folks. Yes, Dog The Bounty Hunter’s daughter absolutely racked up for Christmas this year.

In a new Instagram post, his daughter who has over 207,000 followers posted a video highlighting her Christmas haul. It included a watch, a turntable and much more.

Dog The Bounty Hunter’s Daughter’s Tweet

Earlier this month, Dog The Bounty Hunter’s daughter, Lyssa, took to her personal Twitter account to put out a very interesting tweet out in the universe. There was not any context behind the nature of the tweet that went out into the world. Because of the uncertainty around the tweet, folks were wondering what to make of it as a whole and what it might mean.

In the tweet she wrote, “Whatever you give to life, it gives you back. Do not hate anybody. The hatred which comes out from you will someday come back to you. Love others. And love will comeback to you.” It was a message of karma and an emphasis to be kind to one another. With it being the holidays, perhaps it was a general sentiment that all can use and follow.

Earlier Controversies

It has been an interesting fall for the family of Dog The Bounty Hunter. Earlier this fall, Lyssa, who made the tweet above, deleted her account entirely following backlash for the role her father, Dog The Bounty Hunter, had in his involvement in searching for Brian Laundrie.

Before deleting her account in October, she tweeted, “I’m sure if Gabby’s Dad asked anyone of you for help you would have done the same thing my dad did. He used his skills, contacts, money and time to help and I appreciate all of the kind messages of support. On to the next case…..”

It was clearly a tough time for Lyssa who was working with her father Dog The Bounty Hunter on the manhunt in more of a public and/or media relations type role. She and her father were trying to help. Her point in the tweet was for others to put themselves in her dad’s shoes. He was trying to help Gabby’s dad. Ultimately, not everyone agreed and she dealt with pushback on social media because of everything that went on.

Still, it is very nice to see Lyssa back on social media platforms with messages like she tweeted out earlier this year on kindness.