Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Son Wishes His Mom Happy Birthday With Throwback Snap

by Maggie Schneider

Dog the Bounty Hunter’s son is wishing his mom a happy birthday with a special throwback Thursday Instagram post.

Leland B. Chapman is celebrating his mom’s birthday today. Dog the Bounty Hunter’s son shared a throwback image of his mother when she was just 18 years old. Fans are enjoying this blast from the past. Sporting what looks to be a diner uniform and a bouncy hairstyle, she is standing in front of a Volkswagen automobile.

“Happy Birthday Mama,” Chapman writes. “She was about 18 in this picture. As beautiful today as she was back then.”

Leland Chapman is the child of Dog the Bounty Hunter’s first marriage. La Fonda Sue Darnall is his biological mother’s name. While he spent most of his life with his stepmom, Beth Chapman, he was close to both women.

Dog the Bounty Hunter fans are wishing Darnall a happy birthday.

“Stunning 😍 happy Birthday mama Leland,” one fan says.

“Hope she has an amazing birthday 🥳 Also u look just like her 🙂” another writes.

“Dog the Bounty Hunter” Without Beth

In an interview with Pop Culture, Dog the Bounty Hunter’s son talks about his first hunt without his stepmom. Beth passed away on June 26, 2019. Chapman says that hunts without her are not the same.

“I’ve already noticed the difference,” he said. “We’ve only been out for one day. And you know I was thinking to myself, man, if Beth was here, she would be yelling, ‘Come on, let’s go already,’ telling my dad, ‘Shut up, you talk too much. Let’s go.’ You know what I mean? …There’s definitely a different aspect around.”

Chapman says that his bond with his family is strong. His close relationships have helped him overcome the grief.

We’re a strong family and it’s terrible that we had to go through that, but like I said, I know our bond is strong and we work together, which makes it even stronger. And I believe that Beth ran such a tight ship and that it just became — when you do something over and over and over again and it’s just rhetorical, it just becomes natural, you know?”

Chapman says that watching clips of his family’s show makes him emotional. He is happy to have the memories of her onscreen.

“So, I mean, I’ve already looked at some of them, OK, and I see her and I hear her and I freaking start bawling ’cause it happened,” he said. “I just instantly start crying … so, I think it’s also therapeutic that you have those. You know, if you lose a loved one, then you have the little pictures you look at. But I have her alive in that show.”