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Dolph Lundgren Reflects on Problem With Costume for One Classic Film

by Madison Miller
Photo by: John Wolfsohn/Getty Images

Way back when, popular actor Dolph Lundgren portrayed a superhero on the big screen.

You may recall Lundgren’s performance as He-Man in the “Masters of the Universe” film from 1987. This role came shortly after his breakthrough performance in the 1985 movie “Rocky IV” alongside Sylvester Stallone.

Dolph Lundgren helped bring a character to life that was already fairly popular at the time. There were several cartoons and action figures readily consumed by the public. This time, Lundgren starred alongside Courtney Cox and had to battle the villain named Skeletor (played by Frank Langella.)

“Masters of the Universe” quickly became a cult classic of sorts, hence why we’re still talking about it today. There’s something about that somewhat cheesy action from the 1980s that remains an incredibly safe feeling.

While we continue to reminisce about the movie, Lundgren is too. He recently spoke to People about portraying the lead in “Masters of the Universe.” He said that the most memorable part of filming the movie was the costume he had to wear. The word costume seems like a bit of a stretch, seeing as there wasn’t a whole lot of costume to speak of.

During the interview, Lundgren talks about the cape-and-pants look that was made to put all the emphasis on his muscles. It was like a superhero Speedo.

“What I do remember is we shot 54 nights in a row, I think it was… We shot everything at night and my costume was the size of a stamp. Basically there was a cover in the front and a couple of straps. It was very, very cold,” Lundgren said.

Regardless, Dolph Lundgren went through all those cold nights to bring this superhero to life.

Not to mention we may be getting more of He-Man pretty soon (this time, far more clothed). There are rumors that he will be on the big screen in the upcoming “Black Adam” movie starring Dwayne Johnson. It will be Noah Centineo that will possibly bring the character to life.

The franchise may also get a Netflix animated revival in the near future.

Potential Dolph Lundgren Appearance in ‘Rocky’ Franchise

While Dolph Lundgren may have been a little cold filming “Masters of the Universe,” fans are heating up over the possibility of him appearing in a new “Rocky” franchise film.

Lundgren became famous for his role as Ivan Drago in “Rocky IV” and reprised his role in “Creed II” in 2018. Now, the actor recently revealed he would be open to playing the character again.

“Yeah. Why not? I mean, I think it should be the older Drago. I enjoyed playing him old. The director, Steven Caple, who directed Creed II, is a really smart guy. I think somebody like him could take it to another level. Yeah. Why not?” Lundgren said to PopCulture.

The third movie is set to come out in November. As of now, neither Stallone nor Lundgren are going to be in this film.