Donnie Wahlberg and ‘Blue Bloods’ Castmates Enjoy a Day ‘at the Farm’ in New Pics

by Jonathan Howard

While Blue Bloods is on hiatus during the winter break, Donnie Wahlberg looks to be having fun with some cast and crew from the show.

It looks like Wahlberg and friends got to get up and close with some horses. Perhaps polo horses by the look of Tisha Johnson’s outfit. Johnson is a costume and wardrobe specialist on the show. It seems that she invited her friends from Blue Bloods to have a day out on the farm.

Donnie Wahlberg posted photos to his Instagram showing the get-together. It looks like a very fun day out riding horses and all the things one does at a horse farm.

Wahlberg shared a great little caption. “‘The cast that farms together.’ Awesome day at the farm on Sunday, with this awesome crew from Blue Bloods.”

Along for the ride were Maria Ramirez, Tamara Kopko, Vanessa Ray, and Will Estes. It was a little family affair as Wahlberg snapped pictures from around the farm, including a steeplechase ring and more. It doesn’t look like there are pictures of the Danny Reagan actor on horseback. However, it does have us wondering a few things.

What if we saw Danny or even Jamie ride horseback? The NYPD uses horses all the time! It probably wouldn’t make much sense, but I think it would be a little bit of fun.

Most Blue Bloods fans are just worried about seeing a new episode. While we will have to wait until January for the next episode, some fans are even looking forward to season 13, if there is one.

Is Season 13 Going to Happen?

When fans want to discuss things among themselves, they know where to go. The one place all the important discussions happen, Reddit. The message board site is the host to all kinds of discussions about the show, and that includes whether there will be another season after this one.

The ratings for the show have been doing very well. People are tuning in to the tune of about 5 million viewers per episode. Many shows wished they could pull those numbers. Tom Selleck and other stars have expressed that they want to continue the show.

The point is, Blue Bloods fans have a lot to look forward to in the future.

‘Blue Bloods’ Leaves Fans Hanging

In the show’s last episode, fans saw a big incident involving Danny and his partner Maria. The two had to let a suspect go due to a large cyberattack. It was all hands on deck after Frank found out about the incident. He even pulled in an old friend to help out.

During the Danny and Maria arc of the episode, there was a gunfight that led some fans to wonder what is going to happen with Baez. She has been shot, and fans are not coping well. There are so many questions. Although she was just grazed by the bullet, this could make her leave the force. Blue Bloods fans will have to wait until January.