Donnie Wahlberg Is Overjoyed to Announce Another ‘Blue Bloods’ Friday

by Joe Rutland

Don’t mind Donnie Wahlberg if he gets excited on Friday nights. After all, Blue Bloods, his show, airs a new episode on CBS.

Wahlberg has played Detective Danny Reagan since the show’s first season. But he’s giving all of his attention toward the show’s fans as he took to Twitter on Friday afternoon.

Maybe you are wondering why Wahlberg, the forever New Kid on the Block, would be going on Twitter with this little announcement. Obviously, it is to let people know that Blue Bloods is on Friday night. Yet the other thing that some people might not know, especially if you are not on Twitter, is that Wahlberg frequently “life tweets” with the show’s fans.

‘Blue Bloods’ Star Just Enjoys Interacting With Fans During Live Broadcast

What we mean by that is when the show airs at 10 p.m. Eastern, 9 p.m. Central, Wahlberg will be on Twitter. He will interact with some of the fans, too, at different points and scenes.

Wahlberg is known to be rather open and friendly even with fans who see the Blue Bloods actor shooting a scene. He’s been known to go up and start chatting with a fan who is just standing by or walking near their filming spot. Also, Wahlberg will take pictures with fans, too.

Blue Bloods has paired him up with Tom Selleck, who plays NYPD Commissioner Frank Reagan, since the very first episode.

Donnie Wahlberg Will Keep In Touch With Fans Even During Olympics

So, make sure and catch him and his other castmates on Friday night. Also, don’t expect too many more original episodes for a while. They will be on hold until after the Winter Olympics break. A number of other networks are pushing their programming around even though NBC is the only real network affected by the Games. Why? They are the network of record about the Olympics.

But CBS has decided to move some original episodes for Blue Bloods and other primetime shows until after the sports events are done.

Will Wahlberg be absent from Twitter during that time? Absolutely not. He’s got his Blockheads to connect with as those are fans of his musical group. Of course, there are the fans of the crime drama that just love connecting with him.

Blue Bloods fans will be on the watch for his latest tweets or social media posts. Also, make sure you catch Danny back working with Detective Maria Baez, played by Maris Ramirez. She’s back on the force after dealing with some serious injuries after a shooting. They have their hands busy in a case as does NYPD Commissioner Frank Reagan, played by Tom Selleck.