Donnie Wahlberg Pens Epic Message as He Reflects on Working with Ron Howard for ‘Ransom’

by Joe Rutland

Donnie Wahlberg gets plenty of screen time on Blue Bloods, but his thoughts on Tuesday were about Ron Howard and working on Ransom.

Wahlberg played Cubby Barnes in the 1996 film.

What were his thoughts on Tuesday about the movie? Let’s take a look at his Instagram account.

Wahlberg writes the following that goes with the sweet photo of him and Howard.

“25 years ago the movie #Ransom was released. Still can’t believe that @realronhoward took a chance on a guy from a broken up boy band, trying to become an actor, when nobody else seemed willing to take a chance on me,” Wahlberg says. “Grateful that Ron believed in me, and thankful to my dear friend @gasbird42 for encouraging me to take that drive down to NY (for the hundredth time) to audition for yet another movie that I figured I’d never get hired for. Low and behold — I got the part of Cubby Barnes, the kidnapper with a heart of gold. One of the many reasons that I never ever doubt that anything is possible. #Believe#NoQuit#Thankful#GodsPlan#Ransom25 

“ps — I also got to work on my first day with one of my all time favorite actors @garysiniseofficial and to be ‘mentored’ by the incredible @lievschreiber.”

The IMDb synopsis says “multi-millionaire Tom Mullen’s (Mel Gibson) son is kidnapped, but after initially agreeing to pay the ransom Mullen then decides to use the ransom money as a bounty.”

Besides Gibson, Rene Russo, Gary Sinise, and Liev Schreiber were part of the cast.

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