‘Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman’: Jane Seymour Reunites With Castmates From Western Series

by Samantha Whidden

On Monday (December 6th), Jane Seymour took to her Instagram account to share a snapshot of her reuniting with her castmates from Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. The crew was celebrating Joe Lando’s 60th birthday. 

“Even after all these years they still carry me!” Jane Seymour declared in the post. “My heart is full after spending time with these incredible humans.”

Jane Seymour also shared that she, Jason Adams, and William Shockley got together to get an early start celebrating Joe’s big birthday. “60s just around the corner.”

In a separate post, Shockley wrote a touching tribute to Lando on his birthday. “Happy birthday to Joe Lando… my dear friend, my brother, my comrade-in-arms during our epic years spent together on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. And almost 30 years later… I know more than every… the greatest gift in life is the share that we shared together. You are a soulful, talented, warmhearted man, Joey. Blessed to share the road of life with you.”

Jane Seymour also wrote “Bring Back Dr. Quinn” as her hashtag. According to IMDb, the hit series ran from 1993 to 1998 and followed the “trials and adventures” of female Dr. Quinn in a small Wild West town.  Seymour played the show’s leading lady while Joe Lando played Byron Sully; Jason Adams portrayed Preston A. Lodge III, and William Shockley was Hank Lawson.

Jane Seymour Recalls Working Alongside Johnny Cash on the Set of ‘Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

Fox News reported that during the virtual get-together of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman cast, Jane Seymour recalled working alongside country music legend Johnny Cash on the set of the western TV series. “I remember the time it was like three or four in the morning, and we were filming in the little shed up somewhere and we had a pigsty. And [Johnny cash’s] wife June was sitting with me and all of us in the pigsty.”

Jane Seymour noted that June was eating her dinner off Meissen China. “And she said, ‘Honey, I’m just too old and too rich and too famous to be doing this.’ And I said, ‘Sadly, I’m not.’ She said, ‘How do we speed this up?’”

Then, Cash looked at Jane Seymour and June and began entertaining the group. “He took his prop guitar and he went into the set and he started serenading the crew. And they suddenly went super quiet. And they got that thing fixed super quick, and they got a free concert by Johnny Cash. True story.”

The media outlet further revealed that Johnny Cash appeared in a total of four episodes of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman between 1993 and 1997.