‘Duck Dynasty’: Bella Robertson Mayo Reflects on Reaching Goals She’s ‘Dreamed Of’ as She Releases New Book

by Keeli Parkey

There are times in one’s life where things just seem to fall into place. Work is fulfilling. Things are very happy in your personal life. Life is just great. Those are the times most of us hope for and dream of. And if we are lucky enough to experience them, we hope they never come to an end.

Based on a recent social media post, “Duck Dynasty” star Bella Robertson Mayo is experiencing all the good things in life at once. She’s having a time most of us hope for.

The daughter of Willie Robertson and Korie Robertson recently got married to Jacob Mayo. Obviously, that’s a very happy moment in her personal life. She also recently released a new book of poetry titled, “My Greenhouse.”

With all of the joy in her life, the “Duck Dynasty” star decided to share some of what she is feeling with her Instagram followers this week. She shared her thoughts alongside a series of photos focused on her new book. “Almost 2 weeks of reaching goals I only dreamed of, hitting records I never imagined, and most importantly helping girls heal through heartbreak,” Bella shared.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Bella Robertson Mayo Said She’s Experiencing ‘The Most Rewarding Feeling In the World’

Like most people who create something to be read or viewed by others, Bella Robertson Mayo has also felt apprehensive about opening herself up to criticism that could come from others’ views of her work.

“Its (sic) been tough these past two weeks feeling like my whole heart is in the hands of people I’ve never met. People who will form their own opinions on it, whether that be good or not so good,” Bella also shared.

Luckily for this “Duck Dynasty” star, she has received words of support and thanks from fans of her new poetry book. These messages have lifted her up when she has been discouraged.

“But the messages I’ve received like the ones at the end of this slide make it all so worth it. Knowing that everything that happened was leading to this, to healing, to good, to love – is the most rewarding feeling in the world. I’ve never felt more alive,” Bella Robertson Mayo also shared.

Speaking of the messages from readers of her new poetry book, Bella Robertson Mayo also shared a few examples in her recent Instagram post.

One reader shared a post that said, “Hey! I know you probably (get) lots of DMs each day, but I am going through a tough breakup right now and left a relationship that was not healthy for me and I wanted to thank you for the wisdom and the words in your book. I feel like there is no hope for me now, but your book has reminded me that there is always hope in Jesus. Just wanted to say thank you.”