‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Jase Robertson Digs Up the Perfect Geocaching Find for a New Orleans Saints Sunday

by Chris Haney

Previous to Sunday’s New Orleans Saints game, Duck Dynasty star Jase Robertson might’ve found a lucky charm while relic hunting.

Robertson has taken up the hobby of searching for relics with his trusty metal detector in the last couple of years. When he’s not outdoors hunting ducks or deer, he’s likely out hunting for relics in the ground. This weekend, he was back at it with his metal detector and dug up the perfect relic for his beloved Saints.

Jase and his Duck Dynasty family are from West Monroe, Louisiana. So the Robertsons come by their Saints fandom honestly. The New Orleans Saints took on the NFC South-leading Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday afternoon at Caesars Superdome. In a surprising upset, New Orleans came away victorious with a 36-27 win. It moves the Saints up to 5-2 on the season while the Bucs sit at 6-2.

Did Jase Robertson’s relic find have anything to do with their big win? Likely not. But it’s still a cool coincidence that he found an old metal relic with a fleur-de-lis on it. The fleur-de-lis also serves as the Saints team logo for those that may not make the connection.

The old relic is rusty and weathered from being in the ground for what could be years and years. Jase’s dirt-covered hands hold the small relic up for a photo the reality TV star shared with his followers on social media. As one fan commented on his post, the relic is probably an old Boy Scouts uniform button.

“Could be a sign. Let’s geaux Saints! @garrett_metaldetectors @saints,” the Duck Dynasty star wrote on Instagram.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Jase Robertson Shares Relic Hunting Basics

Jase Robertson and the rest of his family are most well-known for being duck hunters and duck call makers. Yet relic hunting has become a huge part of Robertson’s life, which has helped fill the void between duck hunting seasons. Further, Jase even said he’s enjoyed relic hunting just as much as duck hunting. Those are strong words coming from a Robertson.

Earlier this year, he shared his love for relic hunting and revealed tips on how others can get into it. In addition, Robertson showed off some of his valuable relics he uncovered during his searches. So far Robertson’s relics include antique coins, pendants, and other small jewelry. Some of the highlights of his collection are an Indian head penny and numerous silver coins. However, Jase’s favorite relic to date he values so much he calls it “priceless.”

In the clip, Robertson reveals his silver trime, which is a rare three-cent coin. Trimes were only minted in our country from 1851 to 1873. Jase’s specific trime he uncovered on a hunt was minted in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1851. It’s early production date along with its mint location adds to its scarcity and value.

According to its graded condition, Robertson’s find could be worth hundreds of dollars. But Jase isn’t focused on its true worth. The Duck Dynasty star considers it his favorite of the collection, regardless of its value.